Final Round

FINAL ROUND This week gave us some good tipping with two people selecting 9/9. We congratulate Margaret Kitto and Sinade Sharpe. Well done to you both. They share the $80-00 in the jackpot, winning $40-00 each.

We also had a few changes at the top of our ladder. Our overall winner this year is Greg Harper on 136. Well done Greg who wins $250-00. With Margaret Kitto selecting 9/9, this put her into 2nd position on 135, just one behind Greg and Margaret wins $175-00 for second. Just one game further back on 134 we have a tie for third with Gail Harper and Brian Wren who win $62-50 each as their share of third prize money. Just one game further back on 133 we have another four people so they were unlucky to just fall short of the prize money group.

At the "other" end of the ladder we have Lyn Burns, who collects the unclaimed money in the kitty, of 50 cents.

This year we had 60 people in our footy tipping competition of which 24 shared in our total payout of $1,470-00 so well done to all those people.

We would like to thanks all those who entered our competition from which the Tennis Club made a profit of $910-00.

A special thanks to Steve Doig for putting all the weekly details and results on our Tennis Club website for everyone to see.

Once again, many thanks for everyone's involvement this year and we hope to have you all back again next season.



Round 22

ROUND 22 (19th August) this round again proved very difficult to select winners but Margaret Whittington selected 7/9 to be our best for the week. Well done Margaret.

At the top of the ladder we have 9 people who are fighting to win one of the cash prizes for the first three positions.

Our leader on 129 is Greg Harper. On 127 we have G F Peacock, Brian Wren and Mel Wren, while just one game further back on 126 is Barry Annandale, Gail Harper, Margaret Kitto and Margaret Whittington and on 125 is Mark Chamberlain. We also have another 4 people on 124 so it is extremely close.

Next week our final jackpot is $80-00 but if no one selects the 9/9 we have $80-50 up for grabs between Lyn Burns on 96 and "Joy & Nicole" on 100. If the 9/9 is selected, Lyn or "Joy and Nicole" will collect 50c so we have a great interest here as well.

Good luck to everyone for our final week.



Round 21

ROUND 21 (12th August) with five of the nine games this round being decided by a goal or less it would have been hard to select winners but one "group" did select the full 9/9. We congratulate "Boulder Rules" for their great tipping and they collect $160-00 for the win. Well done guys! This means that next week we return to a jackpot of $40-00.

Our overall leader is Greg Harper on 125, followed closely by Brian Wren on 123, then we have G F Peacock and Mel Wren both on 122.

With just two rounds to go we should now start to look at the other end of the ladder also, keeping in mind that if there is any money not claimed in the jackpot, (i.e. no one selects 9/9 in round 23) the outstanding jackpot goes to the person at the bottom of the ladder. As we have an odd 50 cents left over from the payout in Round 13 when 15 people shared $80-00, the last person WILL win either 50c, $40-50 or possibly $80-50. At this end of the ladder, vying for this cash prize we have Lyn Burns on 93, followed by "Joy & Nicole" on 96, with "Dot & Ollie" on 97, and Della Chamberlain on 98. Good luck ladies.

With 2 rounds still to be played and more winners to be named, we are please to advise that so far we have 22 winners this year, so great tipping from lots of people.



Round 20

ROUND 20 (Aug 5th) gave us some HUGE winning margins and some surprise winners.
We had three people who actually selected Melbourne to defeat Hawthorn. We did not have a winner this week but three people selected 8/9 (one of whom selected Melbourne)
We congratulate Gail Harper, Anton Ter Horst and Margaret Whittington for their great tipping. 
At the top of our ladder on 119 we have Greg Harper, followed on 118 by G F Peacock and on 117 we have Brian Wren.
With just 27 games to go, this ladder can change very quickly and with $160-00 in our jackpot pool for next week, we can still have some big winners, so good luck to everyone

Round 19

ROUND 19 (29th July)

With both of the local teams being beaten this round was difficult to select the perfect 9/9. Mike Concannon was our best tipster this round with a score of 8/9. Well done Mike. Our four leaders from last week all scored 7/9 and have now created a bit of a gap at the top of the ladder - but we still have four rounds to go and anything can happen. Greg Harper and G F Peacock are both on 112 closely followed by Brian Wren and Mel Wren who are both on 111.

Next week we have $120-00 in our jackpot to be won so good luck to everyone.



Round 18

ROUND 18 (22nd July)

This was a very hard week to pick winners with the average score being 5/9. We did have three people select 7/9 and we congratulate Della Chamberlain, Mike Eames, and Margaret Whittington for their great tipping.

We now have two people sharing the lead at the top of our ladder. On a score of 105 we have Greg Harper and G F Peacock, followed by just one game on 104 are both Brian Wren and Mel Wren, and on 103 are Barry Annandale and Margaret Kitto so we are starting to get a bit of a "log jam" at the top as we get close to the final.

With no winner this week, we have $80-00 available for anyone clever enough to select 9/9 next week. Good luck everyone