Round 21

(11th August)

This round appeared to be the best round so far for tipping (unless you were all holding back for a run at the finish) We had four people select 9/9 and another 13 people select 8/9. Our winners this week are Shirley Christie, Mike Concannon, Betty Hanley and Roger Hooper and for selecting all the winners they collect $20-00 each from the $80-00 jackpot.

The top of our tipping ladder is extremely close and with just two rounds to go we have David Kitto on 122, Mike Eames #1 on 121, Barry Annandale and Betty Hanley on 120 with quite a few very close behind them. Keeping in mind that after round 23, if the jackpot has not been won, any money here goes to the person at the “other end” of our ladder, and here also it is quite close between Doreen Gibson on 83 and Della Chamberlain on 88. One of these ladies COULD finish up collecting $80-00 if the 9/9 is not selected for the last two weeks.

Good Luck all and good tipping.


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Round 20

(4th August)

This round proved for some to be difficult to select winners and yet others did quite well. No one selected 9/9 but 5 people did select 8/9 and for this we congratulate Mike Concannon, Al Cook, Mike Eames #1, Tim Edwards and Lena Wilkinson. Well done to you all.

David Kitto remains our overall leader on 116 but is now only two games clear of Mike Eames #1 who is on 114, and on 112 we have Barry Annanadale.

With no winner this week, Round 21 is worth $80-00 so good luck everyone.


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Round 19

(July 28th)

At last it has happen with the jackpot being won by selecting 9/9. We had two people do this and we congratulate Al Cook and Neil Rowe, who have collected $200-00 each for their tipping. Well Done to you both.

We had another 16 people select 8/9.

David Kitto remains our leader and is on the great score of 110 and is now four clear from Barry Annandale and Mike Eames #1 who are on 106 with Betty Hanley and Steve Taylor on 105.

Last weekend David was only being beaten by 1 of the 27 “Experts” in the West Australian Newspaper who select weekly allowing for weather, injuries etc.

Next week our jackpot returns to $40-00 so good luck folks.


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Round 18

(21st July)

We had some good tipping this weekend especially with 8 home teams winning, BUT we still did not have a winner.  We did have six people select 8/9 and say well done to Trish Emond, Betty Hanley, Alan Jaggs, D Morrice, Kylie Squiers, and Pam Zscharnagk.

David Kitto remains our overall leader on a great score of 102, and is followed by Mike Eames #1 on 100, and on 98 are Barry Annandale and Betty Hanley.

With no winner, our jackpot for next week hit the massive sum of $400-00 so good luck everyone.

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Round 17

(14th July)

This week we had much better scores in the tipping even thought only three “home” teams won. It shows that the “home ground advantage” is not working this year. With the better scores this week we still did not have anyone select the perfect 9/9. Three people managed 8/9 with each of them missing a different game. This week we take our hats off to Norm “B”, David Kitto and Evan Reid for their 8/9. Well done guys.

With David selecting 8/9 this now puts him on the top of our leaders board on a score of 95. David is followed by Mike Eames #1 on 93, then Barry Annandale and Stephen Taylor on 92 with another three people on 91.

Strangely, guys fill the top three positions on the ladder, yet no guy has won any money. It is the ladies who have shared $360-00 so far. Is this just a “flash in the pan” from the ladies or are they keeping their run to the top of the ladder until when it counts? Next week our jackpot hits $360-00 so keep your fingers crossed that the teams you selected Finally do the right thing for you


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Round 16

(7th July)

OK. Can anyone please explain to me why a team wins one week against a higher team, then loses the following week against a lower team, or more to the point if a team won last week and I picked them this week they lose? Most people seem to have the same problem as it is extremely difficult to select all the winners, even with ANOTHER tied game. The highest score this week was 7/9 of which 10 people managed to achieve. This means we jackpot again and next week is worth the massive $320-00.

We now have two people at the top of our leaders board. On the great score of 87 are David Kitto and Stephen Taylor. Just one behind on 86 is Mike Eames #1, and one further back on 85 is Barry Annandale. There are nine people right behind them on 84, so the race to the finish line is tightening up.
Good luck to every chasing the payout of $320-00 up for grabs next week.


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Round 15

(30th June)

Once again it was hard to select winners.  Only two home teams won, four games were decided by two goals or less and we finally had a drawn game, so a lot depended on which side the coin came down when we tossed it to make our selections. Even with the tied game, for which everyone gets as a win provided they had marked the game, we still did not have a winner this week, but Kevin Farrell scored 8/9.  Well done Kevin.

Our leader on 81 is Steve Taylor, however there is now a crowd gathering right behind him. On a score of 80 we have Barry Annandale, Mike Eames #1, and David Kitto and just one game further back on 79 we have “Dott & Ollie”, Kevin Farrell, Betty Hanley and Margaret Kitto, so the race for the lead is getting exciting.

With no winner this week our jackpot for next week is now worth a massive $280-00 – good luck to everyone.


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Round 14

(22nd June)

What a round with close games, with four games being 3 points or less to decide the winners and some being decided in the last minute of the game. With these close results it makes it harder to pick the eventual winners and once again no one selected all the winners this week.  We did have one person select 8/9 this week and this was Denise Pruim.  Well done Denise.  The game that Denise missed was Melbourne vs West Coast, so you could say that Denise missed the $200-00 jackpot by 25 seconds.  Keep going Denise.

Stephen Taylor remains our leader on 78 and retains his two game buffer from Barry Annanadale and Mike Eames #1 who are both on 76, with Betty Hanley and David Kitto both just one game further back on 75.

With these results this week it means our jackpot climbs to $240-00 for next week, making it the biggest jackpot so far this year so let hope the teams we selected do the right thing and win for us. Good luck everyone.


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Round 13

(15th June)

This was the last of the “bye” rounds where it is supposed to be easier to select all the winners as we only have to pick 6 games, but again it proved to be very hard, with last years premiers losing to Melbourne, and Carlton defeating the Gold Coast. Once again we did not have anyone who selected 6/6, but we did have three people miss by one game, getting 5/6. These very clever people are Kevin Farrell, Harrison Watts and Natasha Wilson.

Well done for some great tipping. Stephen Taylor remains at the top of the leaders board on 72 having a two game lead from Barry Annandale and Mike Eames #1 who are both on 70.

Next week our jackpot hits $200-00 which is a nice amount to win, so good luck to all the teams selected.


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Round 12

(9th June).

Well this week all we had to do to collect the money was pick 7 winners, which proved to be extremely difficult with the top teams being beaten by the bottom teams. No one selected all the winners, but two ladies did score 6/7 and we congratulate Kylie Squiers and Pam Zscharnagk for their great tipping. The ladies are doing it well this year as only ladies have claimed our prize money to this date – all $360-00 of it.

At the top of our leader’s board is still Stephen Taylor who is now on the great score of 69. Great consistent tipping Stephen. Two points behind Stephen on 67 we have Barry Annanadale and “Dot & Ollie” with another group back on 66.

Next week we just have to pick 6/6 and it is worth $160-00 if you do it, so good luck.


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