Round 21

ROUND 21 (12th August) with five of the nine games this round being decided by a goal or less it would have been hard to select winners but one "group" did select the full 9/9. We congratulate "Boulder Rules" for their great tipping and they collect $160-00 for the win. Well done guys! This means that next week we return to a jackpot of $40-00.

Our overall leader is Greg Harper on 125, followed closely by Brian Wren on 123, then we have G F Peacock and Mel Wren both on 122.

With just two rounds to go we should now start to look at the other end of the ladder also, keeping in mind that if there is any money not claimed in the jackpot, (i.e. no one selects 9/9 in round 23) the outstanding jackpot goes to the person at the bottom of the ladder. As we have an odd 50 cents left over from the payout in Round 13 when 15 people shared $80-00, the last person WILL win either 50c, $40-50 or possibly $80-50. At this end of the ladder, vying for this cash prize we have Lyn Burns on 93, followed by "Joy & Nicole" on 96, with "Dot & Ollie" on 97, and Della Chamberlain on 98. Good luck ladies.

With 2 rounds still to be played and more winners to be named, we are please to advise that so far we have 22 winners this year, so great tipping from lots of people.