Final Round

This week we had 8 people select 7/8 for the final round. Congratulations for this go to Les Capes, Mike Concannon, Don Doig, Rosemary Galloway, Helen Groves, Colin Matthews, Annette Peacock and Denise Pruim.

Our winner for this year on a great score of 140 is Betty Hanley who wins $250-00.
Betty was extremely consistent, selecting 8/8 a total of six times.

Second, on a score of 138 and winning $175-00 is Doreen Gibson.

Sharing third position on a score of 133 are Greg Harper and Colin Matthews who each win $62-50.

Congratulations to all our top winners.

As the jackpot of $60-00 was not won this week this money goes to the person at the “other end” of the ladder, and on a score of 71, Barbara Hodgson collects $60-00. Nice job Barbara.

For the record, this year we had 29 people select 8/8 and share in prize money and the 8/8 was selected a total of 45 timeS. This is UNBELIEVABLE!! Congratulations to those 29 people.

A special thanks goes to Steve Doig who has put the details onto our website every week, making our job much easier to get results to everyone.

We hope everyone has had fun with the footy tipping this year and thanks for taking part. It does make the football season a “little bit” more interesting.

We hope to have you all back again next year.

– Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 23

ROUND 23 gave us a few unexpected results – the main one being Sydney beating Geelong at Skilled Stadium. No one managed the perfect score this week but we had one person select 7/8. Congratulations go to Doreen Gibson for a great result.

The leaders board is now VERY EXCITING with both our top ladies tied on 134. Doreen Gibson and Betty Hanley have cleared out from the rest of the field, being 7 clear of Greg Harper on 127 with both Colin Matthews and Russell McKenney on 126, followed by a few on 124.

Either Doreen or Betty will win this year with a race for third. As no one selected 8/8, the final week is worth $60-00 and if 8/8 is not selected this week, the $60-00 will go to Barbara Hodgson who is currently on 69 and is 14 games clear of Laura Quinn on 83.

Good luck to all for the final week and we hope you own footy team wins.

– Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 22

ROUND 22 gave us a few upsets but three people managed to select 8/8.  This week we congratulate Mike Eames, Betty Hanley (for the sixth time) and Colin Matthews.  Each of them win $20-00.

With Betty getting the perfect score again, she in back at the top of the leader board on 129 – a great score. On 127 we have Doreen Gibson and equal third at this stage on 122 are Greg Harper and Colin Matthews.

With just two weeks to go, it looks very likely that one of these four people will take out the top money, but then again, funnier things have happened.

Next week the jackpot returns to $30-00. Good luck everyone.

– Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 21

ROUND 21 gave us a few unexpected results and resulted in no one picking all winners. David Kitto went very close and was the only person to select 7/8 – well done David.

Doreen Gibson selected 6/8 and moved to 122 and is now one game clear in the lead from Betty Hanley on 121. These two ladies have cleared away from the rest of the field a little, as four games further back on 117 we have Russell McKenney, then on 116 are Greg Harper and Annette Peacock. With just three rounds to go anyone can still be a winner.

At the end of the home and away games, if we have any money left in the jackpot carryover, this will go to the person on the bottom of the ladder. At this stage this COULD be worth $120-00. Next week is worth $60-00 so good luck to all.

– Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 20

You people have just blown us away this year with your footy tipping.  This week ANOTHER 10 PEOPLE selected 8/8.  What are you people drinking????

Our congratulations this week go to Wayne Capes, Mike Eames, Betty Hanley, Greg Harper, Ross Monger, Elaine Munro, Mark Rule, Lorraine Spark, Ray Suckling and Natasha Wilson. They all share the jackpot of $30-00, giving them $3-00 each.

We now have two at the top of our ladder on the great total of 116 – Doreen Gibson and Betty Hanley. Keep it going ladies. Following close behind them on 113 is Greg Harper, on 112 is Ross McKenney, and on 111 are Gail Harper and Ross Monger.

With just four weeks to go the race to the finish is mounting and anyone can win.

Good luck to all for Round 21 which is worth another $30-00.

– Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 19

ROUND 19 and even though it was a seven game round, we had just one person to achieve the perfect 7/7. This week Doreen Gibson achieved this again and two selected 6/7 – being Mark Chamberlain and Annette Peacock. Well done to all three for a great result.

This perfect score also sees Doreen back at the top of the leader’s ladder on a great total of 109. Just one game behind Doreen on 108 is Betty Hanley while on 105 we have Greg Harper and Russell McKenney.

All remaining rounds are eight games each so good luck to all on the final run home.

– Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 18

ROUND 18  gave us four people who selected the perfect 8/8. Congratulations this week go to Helen Doig, Helen Groves, Betty Hanley and Rosemary Galloway – four very clever ladies who win $15-00 each. Helen Groves & Betty Hanley have now achieved the perfect score three times in the last four weeks.

Betty is now our overall leader on 104, followed by Doreen Gibson on 102 and Russell McKenney on 100. So far this season, the perfect score has been achieved 31 times – so much for comments that our tipping competition is extremely difficult having to select all games at the start of the season. Obviously, we have some VERY CLEVER people in our competition.

Next week the jackpot returns to $30-00 and with just 7 games this round, who knows how many winners we will have. We look forward to seeing everyone’s results. Good Luck!!

– Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 17

ROUND 17 proved to be a hard one to pick many winners with quite a few upsets including the Gold Coast Suns.  No one managed to select 8/8, but two people did select 7/8.

This week’s very clever people were Ross Monger and Pam Zscharnagk. Most people select 4 for the week. We have joint leaders at the moment with both Doreen Gibson and Betty Hanley on a great total of 96.

They are closely followed on 93 by Russell McKenney and Ross Monger; while we have Jacob Bracewell, Gail Harper, Greg Harper and Colin Matthews, all on 92.

Next week we have a jackpot worth $60-00 and some very hard games to select so good luck to all.

– Chris & Nola Wilson.

Round 16

Round 16 and we had only seven games to select, and we came out with 6 people who made the perfect score of 7/7. This week’s winners who all share the jackpot of $30-00 and win $5-00 each are :- Mary Bullock, Helen Groves, Betty Hanley, Greg Harper, “Ollie & Dot”, and Bob Walker.

This is the second week in a row of perfect tipping for Helen, Betty & Greg – well done. It is also the third time Helen and Betty have selected the perfect score.

Betty now takes over the lead on our ladder on 92, just two games clear of Doreen Gibson on 90, with Gail Harper and Greg Harper both on 88 in third place.

Next week we have 8 games to select and the jackpot stays at $30-00. Good luck all.

– Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 15

ROUND 15 and what GREAT SCORES!!!

The jackpot was worth $90-00 this week and 10 people selected 8/8 and win $9-00 each. Our winners are (in alphabetical order) Helen Doig, Helen Groves, Betty Hanley, Greg Harper, Elsie Muenchow, Lois Reid, Mark Rule, Margaret Whittington, Hope Wilson and Nola Wilson.

Besides these very clever 10 people, another 17 selected 7/8.  This week our overall leader Doreen Gibson selected 2/8 and now shares the lead on 85 with Betty Hanley. Congratulations ladies. Just two behind Doreen and Betty on 83 is Russell McKenney, and on 82 we have Gail Harper and Annette Peacock.  Next week there are only 7 games so good luck everyone in trying to select 7/7.

Chris & Nola Wilson