Round 14

We saw some good tipping this week, and with both WA teams having wins it certainly helped most people.

We did not have anyone select 8/8, but 6 very clever people selected 7/8. This week congratulations go to Jacob Bracewell, Mark Chamberlain, Gail Harper, Greg Harper, Russell McKenney and Lorraine Spark. Well done.

Doreen Gibson, our overall leader scored 6/8 and is now on 83. In second position on 77 are both Betty Hanley and Russell McKenney, while next on the ladder on 76 is Gail Harper.

Next week the perfect 8/8 is worth $90-00 so we are looking forward to seeing the scores next week. Good luck everyone.

Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 13

This week we had no one select the 8/8 but our leader, Doreen Gibson selected 7/8 along with Betty Hanley, Margaret Kitto and Elaine Munro. Again the ladies are our top tipsters, well done !

Doreen, by selecting 7/8 has cleared away from the rest of the field and is on 77. Six behind Doreen is Betty Hanley on 71, and on 70 we have Rosemary Galloway, Colin Matthews, Russell McKenney and Annette Peacock.

With no winner, next week we play for $60-00 so let’s keep out fingers crossed. Good Luck !!

– Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 12

This was one of the best scoring rounds so far this year with 13 people selecting 7/8 this week, and we are pleased to advise that we had one person with the perfect score of 8/8.  This week congratulations go to “Coach” – Susan Brayshaw our club coach.  Well done Susan.

This means that next week our jackpot returns to $30-00.   Our leader, Doreen Gibson scored 5/8 but is still three points clear on 70, followed on 67 by Colin Matthews, and on 65 is Russell McKenney.  Well done and good luck to everyone next week.

Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 11

This seemed to be a better week for most people with better scores over the round, yet we still did not manage to have anyone select the perfect 8/8.  Three very clever people did select 7/8 this week – Doreen Gibson, Russell McKenney and Sean White. Congratulations to all three for a great score. 

Doreen Gibson is our overall leader and selecting 7/8 she increases her lead over the entire field.  Doreen is on 65, with Colin Matthews second on 60, followed by Rosemary Galloway on 59. 

With no winner this week, the jackpot increases to $120-00 for round 12 so good luck next week.

– Chris & Nola Wilson.


Round 10

With 7 “away teams” winning this week it was a difficult week to select winners, yet one member did manager to select 7/8. The clever person was Rosemary Galloway. Well done Rosemary. 

Our overall leader is still Doreen Gibson who selected 6/8 and remains 2 ahead. Doreen is on 58, followed on 54 by Rosemary Galloway and Colin Matthews, with Don Doig “1”, and Ross Monger just 1 further back on 53.

With no one selecting 8/8 this week, Round 11 is worth $90-00 for the perfect score of 8/8. Good Luck everyone!!

Round 9

Round 9 and the rounds get harder to pick.

This week 3 people select 7/8 – “Ollie & Dot”, Shirley Suckling and Bob Walker. Congratulations to all three and as no one managed the perfect 8/8, next week the jackpot is worth $60-00.

Doreen Gibson remains our overall leader but her lead has been narrowed to just two games. Doreen is on 52, with David Kitto on 50 and Don Doig “1” on 49, and a handful of others on 48.

With both WA having wins and remaining in the top 8, things are looking up for WA football.  Good luck to all for round 10.

Round 8

Even though this round had some “close matches to pick” we had two people select the perfect 8/8, and congratulations go to Della Chamberlain and Colin Matthews – well done you two!! Della and Colin each win $15-00.

Our overall leader is still Doreen Gibson who managed to increase her lead by a further game.

Doreen is on 47, with three now 3 behind her on 44 – Don Doig “1”, Betty Hanley, and David Kitto, closely followed just 1 game further back on 43 by Colin Matthews, Ross Monger, Annette Peacock and Natasha Wilson.

With both WA teams now in the top 8, we look forward to the next round which is worth $30-00 so good luck all.

Round 7

This proved to be a very difficult week to tip for MOST people with both our leaders selecting 3/8. Three people did manage to select 7/8 – Alex Foster, Rosemary Galloway and Mike Kessell, BUT Doreen Gibson did one better and achieved the perfect 8/8. Well done Doreen and she collects $90-00 for her win.

This also puts Doreen on top of the ladder on 41 games with Natasha Wilson in second position on 39 and a group of others on 38.

Next week the jackpot returns to $30-00 and all eyes will be on the Western Derby so good luck everyone.

Round 6


ROUND 6 and the last of the 7 game rounds for a little while. This week we had 12 people who selected 6/7 but not one of them managed that “extra game” so we have a jackpot carryover to Round 7 of $90-00.

Our overall leader is still Annette Peacock but this week she has a new person level with her – David Kitto.

Both are on a great score of 35 with quite a few just one game behind. Good luck everyone for the next round and the jackpot of $90-00.


Round 5

ROUND 5 gave us the first win for The Gold Coast and only 6 people tipped that win. No one managed to select the 7/7 but three ladies did select 6/7 – two of them having tipped the Gold Coast win.

These very clever ladies who selected 6/7 were Jill Lennon, “Ollie & Dot” and Lois Reid.

Our overall leaders are Les Capes and Annette Peacock on a total of 30. Round 6 is again just 7 games but is now worth $60-00 for the perfect score, so best of luck everyone.