Round 4


ROUND 4  This was the easiest chance of selecting all the winners with only 7 games and one being a drawn game, so all we needed to do was select the “other” 6 winners.  Two people managed to do this – Shirley Suckling and Sean White who both win $15-00. Well done folks.

We now have two leaders on 26/31 games – Ross Monger and Annette Peacock – what a great score!! – with a further 5 people on 25.

Next week is another round of only 7 games and is worth $30-00 so good luck to all.


Round 3

ROUND 3 and we finally had a round without a drawn game. We had just one person with the perfect 8/8 – this week congratulations go to Tara Lennon. Well done Tara. Tara is now at the top of the ladder on 20/24 with four other people.

To have 5 people with 20/24 is amazing. Our overall leaders after 3 rounds are Les Capes, Tara Lennon, Barb Mason, Ross Monger and Annette Peacock.  You people amaze me.

We have also done a “shuffle” of the names on the records sheets as on 9th April, Margaret Aristei and David Kitto were married so Margaret, your results are now under “K”. We wish them both all the best for a long and happy life together.

Next week the Jackpot remains at $30-00, but it should be easier to select as their is only the 7 games being played – so good luck !!

Round 2

ROUND 2 and yet another round with a drawn game so everyone scored at least 1 point. This week we had one person with the perfect 8/8

Congratulations go to Betty Hanley for winning this weeks jackpot of $30-00. Our overall leaders are on a score of 14 out of 16 games – remarkable!!!

Seven people are on this great score of 14 – Les Capes, Kevin Farrell, David Kitto, Barb Mason, Colin Matthews, Ross Monger and Annette Peacock.  Les picked 8 the first week and 6 this week, and the other six have all selected 7/8 on both weeks – how do you do it?

Good luck to all for round 3 which is worth $30-00.

Round 1

Welcome to this season, and what a start – a drawn game and three other matches that were less than a goal difference.

What is more – both WA teams are in the top 8!! Most tipsters did extremely well and it will interesting to watch the Gold Coast play their first match next week and see what result that does to everyone’s tips. We had three people select 8/8 this week – each winning $10-00.

Congratulations goes to Les Capes, Helen Groves and Lois Reid – again the ladies outperforming the men. Next week the weekly jackpot is worth $30-00. Good Luck to all.