Final Round

FINAL ROUND and what a finish to the season.  Our grand winner this year was Colin Matthews on 148 winning by just one game from Mary Carr on 147. He had to select 9/9 this week to do it as Mary selected 8/9. We had three others just one game behind Mary on 146 – Betty Hanley, Annette Peacock and Don & Pat Ricci.  Colin collects $250-00 for being our winner, Mary collects $175, and the three equal thirds collect $41-00 each. WELL DONE.!!

We had six people select 9/9 to finish and they share the $90-00 jackpot collecting $15-00 each.  Here we congratulate Helen Doig, Steve Doig, Barb Hodgson & Charlie, Colin Matthews, Don & Pat Ricci, and Brian Wren.

It has been an unbelievable season of tipping this year with the perfect score being achieved 69 times. – and they say it can’t be done!!

Congratulations to everyone who shared in the prize money during the season and also thanks to everyone for taking part. We hope you enjoyed this tipping competition and we look forward to running it again next year.

Thanks also go to Steve Doig for his assistance in getting the information onto the club’s website every week for us.



Round 22

ROUND 22 and what a finish we are going to have next week. No one selected 9/9 this week but two people achieved 8/9 – Hul Finlay and Shane Greenfield. Well done guys!

We now have joint leaders both on 139 – Mary Carr and Colin Matthews. Great work. BUT, just one behind them on 138 are Betty Hanley and Annette Peacock, AND just one further back on 137 are Gail Harper, Marion Lake, D & P Ricci and Mel Wren, so we are in for a great photo finish to the season.  Colin has been on the top of the ladder since round 12, so can he hang on or get “piped on the post” – all will be revealed next week.

The jackpot for next week is $90-00 and at this stage Pam Zscharnagk has her hands firmly on this with a score of 95 – 7 clear of Kevin Farrell on 102.  Will Pam take home the final jackpot or will someone select 9/9 next week and take the money from her?

We are set for a great finish.


Round 21

ROUND 21 and although there were a few surprises and no one selecting 9/9, two people managed to score 8/9. This week we congratulate Don Doig and Mel Wren.

Our leader is still Colin Matthews with a score of 134, followed by Mel Wren on 133, and on 132 we have Mary Carr, Annette Peacock and D & P Ricci.

With just two weeks to go, it is a close run to the finish line.

Next week the jackpot is $60-00 so good luck everyone.


Round 20

ROUND 20 and we had some good tipping this week. Three people managed 9/9 so we congratulate Hul Finlay (2nd time) Annette Peacock (4th time) and Brian Wren (3rd time). Each of them win $20-00.

We also had 5 people on 8/9 so a special mention to Mary Carr, D & P Ricci, Lorraine Spark, Kylie Squiers and Natasha Wilson.

Our leader Colin Matthews came back to the field this week and is on 127, just one clear of Annette Peacock on 126 and one further back on 125 are Mary Carr, Betty Hanley, D & P Ricci and Mel Wren.

Next week the jackpot is $30-00.

At the “other end” we have Pam Zscharnagk on 86, but closing the gap now on 91 is Kevin Farrell. Should there be any money in the kitty by no one selecting all the winners in Round 24, either Pam or Kevin will win this.

Good luck to all.


Round 19

ROUND 19 gave us some close games, some upsets, and some big wins. What a mixture. It was a mixture that too difficult to pick winners and only one entrant selected 7/9 being our best this week. Congratulations go to Roger and Kate Hooper.

Colin Matthews is still our leader and is on 121, three clear of Betty Hanley and Mel Wren on 118, with six others on 117. With no winner this week, next week is worth $60-00. With just 4 weeks to go, we can also look at the “other end” of the ladder as this person will collect any money in the pot should no one select 9/9. At this stage the person “leading” is Pam Zscharnagk on 80 with about 4 others on 88. Keep watching folks!!

Good luck to all for round 20.


Round 18

ROUND 18 and apparently this was a very easy round to select the winners, so much so that we had 16 winners this week, so each one collects $1-80. We will get your winnings to you all soon.

This week we congratulate – Jacob Bracewell, Mark Chamberlain, Don Doig AND Don Doig 2, Steven Doig, Gail Harper, Greg Harper, Marion Lake, Mel Mason, Colin Matthews, Russell McKenney, Ollie & Dot, Annette Peacock, Lois Reid, D & P Ricci, and Sean White.

It is getting to the stage it would be easier to list those who did NOT select 9/9.  Great job to you all and great tipping.

Colin Matthews remain our leader and is now on 116, followed on 113 by Betty Hanley, Gail Harper, Mike Kessell, Mel Mason, Annette Peacock, D & P Ricci and Mel Wren. This group is followed by another 6 people on 111.

The top of the ladder is becoming a log jam as we race towards the finishing line with just 5 rounds to go.

Next week we have another $30-00 up for grabs – good luck!


Round 17

ROUND 17  and again it proved difficult to select winners yet we still had one very clever tipster score 9/9. Congratulations go to D & P Ricci for their correct tipping and they win $60-00 for their efforts – Well Done!!

This is the fourth time they have achieved a perfect score.   Colin Matthews remains our overall leader and is on 107, followed very closely on 106 by Betty Hanley and Mike Kessell.  Just two game further back on 104 we have Gail Harper, Mel Mason, Annette Peacock and D & P Ricci.

The jackpot for round 18 returns to $30-00. Best of luck folks!!


Round 16

ROUND 16 gave us quite a few upsets and no perfect scores came through. The highest score this week was 7/9 from “Barb & Charlie Hodgson” – well done !!

Our overall leader is STILL Colin Matthews on a score 101, but the field is very quickly catching up to Colin.  On 100 we have Mike Kessell, and on 99 we have Ted Bulluss and Gail Harper.

With no winner this week, round 17 is now worth $60-00 so fingers crossed everyone.


Round 15

ROUND 15 and not too many upsets in this week’s results, however after Friday Night’s game we had only 5 people select Carlton and remain in the chase for 9/9.

Annette Peacock managed to get the perfect 9/9 this week and wins $30-00. Well done Annette.

Our leader Colin Matthews only got 6/9 this week but still remains on top with 97, but closing the gap just two games behind him on 95 are Mike Kessell and Brian Wren, followed on 94 by Ted Bulluss, Betty Hanley and Gail Harper.

Next week we have another $30-00 up for grabs, so keep those winning tips going.


Round 14

ROUND 14 and we were back to try and pick 9 winners, something that “some of us” find very hard to do. This weekend we had four people with the perfect 9/9, sharing the $60-00 jackpot and winning $15-00 each.

We congratulate Keith Holland, Marion Lake, Lorraine Spark and Mel Wren for their outstanding effort.

Colin Matthews stays on top of our ladder with a fabulous score of 91, followed by Mike Kessell on 88, and on 87 we have Betty Hanley, Gail Harper, Brian Wren and Mel Wren.

Next week we are back to $30-00 for the winning pot, so good luck folks.