Round 13

ROUND 13 and what a terrible round to select a winner.  Even though we had only 6 games, the highest score for this round was “4”. After having 21 winners over the last two weeks of 6 games, this week’s results came as a huge surprise.

Our leader on 83 is Colin Matthews, followed on 81 by Mike Kessell, then on 80 we have Ted Bulluss, Betty Hanley and Gail Harper.

Next week we return to 9 games each round, making it a little harder to select, and a jackpot of $60-00.

Our leaders are STILL out performing the top tipsters in “The West” who pick week by week allowing for injuries, weather etc. Well Done Folks!!

Good luck next week to everyone.


Round 12

ROUND 12 again showed us how much easier to select 6/6 rather than 9/9 – this week we had 13 winners sharing the $30-00 and collecting $2-30 each.

Congratulations go to :- Kerry Carmichael, Shirley Christie, Mike Eames, Betty Hanley, Gail Harper, Greg Harper, Colin Matthews, Annette Peacock, Denise Pruim, Laura Quinn, D & P Ricci, Brian Wren and Mel Wren.

Colin Matthews moves to the top of the ladder on a great score of 79, followed by Ted Bulluss on 78, and Gail Harper and Mike Kessell both on 77.

Once again next week we only have 6 games and the winners share $30-00, then it is back to 9 games every round until the end of the season.

Good Luck to all.


Round 11

ROUND 11 gave us the first of three rounds of only 6 games, but it was still a little difficult to select with all the “away” teams winning, yet we still managed to have eight people with the perfect score.

They share the $150-00, each winning $18-50. Congratulations go to Mary Carr, Don Doig, Hull Finlay, Shane Greenfield, Barbara Hodgson & Charlie, Marion Lake, Elsie Muenchow, and D & P Ricci.

The men have taken over the top of the ladder – at the moment – with Ted Bullus and Colin Matthews sharing the lead on 73, and Mike Kessell sitting just one game behind on 72.

Next week we have another round of 6 games and the jackpot reverts back to $30-00 so good luck folks !


Round 10

ROUND 10 and what a weekend of upsets. If you scored 5 or more you did extremely well, but we had two people select 8/9 – Mike Kessell and Peter Whittington. OK guys, how did you do it?

We have two people at the lead on 68 – Ted Bulluss and Colin Matthews – keep it going guys. Just one game behind them on 67 are Gail Harper and Mike Kessell, and one game further back on 66 are Betty Hanley and Brian Wren.

Next week we have a jackpot of $150-00 up for grabs and only having to select 6/6 next week, this could go off. The next three rounds are all 6/6 so we might have a few with a perfect selection, but then if it is like this weekend, we may not!

Good Luck Folks


Round 9

ROUND 9 and again no one made the perfect selection, but we did have three very clever people who each selected 8/9.  This week we congratulate Gwen Matthews, Kylie Squiers, and Sean White – well done folks!!

We now have two people leading, both on a score of 63 – Ted Bulluss and Gail Harper, and just one point behind on 62 are Colin Matthews and Brian Wren.

With no winner this week, Round 10 is now worth $120-00 and is the last round for the next 4 weeks where you need to select 9/9. Rounds 11, 12, and 13 only have 6 matches each week which hopefully SHOULD be easier to select.

Good luck to all next week.


Round 8

ROUND 8 and what a round for results.

No one selected 9/9 BUT we had 17 people select 8/9. These very clever people are :- Susan Brayshaw, Kerry Carmichael, Mark Chamberlain, Mike Concannon, Helen Doig, Helen Groves, “Home Games” Kylie, Fay Kitto, Mel Mason, Colin Matthews, Russell McKenney, Denise Pruim, Laura Quinn, D & P Ricci, Sucklings, Stephen Taylor and Pam Zscharnagk.  Congrats to all of you.

Ted Bulluss is still our leader and is on 57, but just one game behind on 56 we have four people – Gail Harper, Colin Matthews, Sucklings, and Stephen Taylor.  It is very close at the top of the ladder.

Next week is now worth $90-00 so good luck everyone.

Round 7

ROUND 7 gave us what some people call “surprised results” yet two people still managed to select 8/9.  This week we congratulate Ted Bulluss and Stephen Taylor for their 8/9 results.

This also gives us Ted Bulluss as our new leader on a score of 51, two games clear of Gail Harper on 49, and just one behind Gail on 48 we have Colin Matthews, Sucklings, Stephen Taylor and Brian Wren.

With no cash winner this week, we go into round 8 next week with $60-00 in the pot.  Good luck and good tipping to everyone!


Round 6

ROUND 6 and we had two very clever people select 9/9 and share the $120-00 jackpot…..congratulations this week go to Ted Bulluss and Mike Kessell who win $60-00 each.

Twelve others selected 8/9, so for most this was a good round.

Our leader is still Gail Harper on the fantastic score of 46 (out of 54).  Three points behind Gail on 43 are Ted Bulluss and Colin Matthews.

Next week the jackpot returns to $30-00 so good luck and good tipping to everyone.


Round 5

ROUND 5  gave us no winners for the 9/9 jackpot, with the “hard” game to pick being Sydney winning over Hawthorn in Tasmania. Only 1 person selected Sydney – well done Denise Pruim.

We had a few selecting 8/9 and this week we congratulate Don Doig, Gail Harper, Barb & Charlie Hodgson, Margaret Kitto, Russell McKenney, Annette Peacock and Laura Quinn.

Our overall leader is Gail Harper on the magnificent score of 38 (out of 45). Second on 36 is Colin Matthews and we have 6 people on 35.

Next week the jackpot hits $120-00 so good luck everyone


Round 4

ROUND 4 gave us a few surprise results, in fact after the first two games we only had 4 people on 2/2.

Another week and no one selected 9/9. A few went very close on 8/9 and those very clever people were:-  Mary Bullock, Ted Bulluss, Doreen Gibson, Denise Pruim, Faye Scorer and Stephen Taylor.

Our two leaders are Gail Harper an Anton Ter Horst, both on 30. Well done to you both.
Next week the jackpot will be $90-00 so good luck to everyone.