Round 3

ROUND 3 gave us some favoured teams playing against each other making it a little harder to select a winner, and an “upset” with Geelong going down to North Melbourne.

With these games and results we did not have anyone who selected 9/9, but Gail Harper did managed to select 8/9 – Well Done Gail!!

We now have two people tied at the top of the ladder on a great score of 23. Congratulations to Gail Harper and Anton Ter Horst.

Just one game behind on 22 we have Betty Hanley, Mel Mason, Colin Matthews. Ollie & Dott, and Brian Wren.

With no winner this week, Round 4 jackpots to $60-00, so good luck everyone!!

Chris & Nola Wilson

Round 2

ROUND 2 and what a result ….

Again a couple of games with less than a goal the difference BUT this week we had 13 people select 9/9.

At the same time we had another 20 select 8/9, and people say that THIS competition is too difficult to select.

Our congratulations this week go to :- Sue Brayshaw, Steve Doig, Gail Harper, Greg Harper, “Barbara Hodgson & Charlie”, Mel Mason, Russell McKenney, “Ollie & Dott”, D & P Ricci, Mark Rule, “Sucklings”, Anton Ter Horst, and Mel Wren.

These winner all receive $2-30 each.

We have four overall leaders:-  Helen Groves, “Ollie & Dot”,  Anton Ter Horst, and Brian Wren all on 16/18, a wonderful score.

Good luck to all our selectors for Round 3.


Round 1

Welcome everyone to this year’s footy tipping competition.

Once again we have a great response to our competition with 61 people demonstrating their skills and knowledge of the AFL.  Thanks to those who have entered and we wish you all good luck this season.   Last year the perfect 8/8 was selected 42 times – a record – so let’s see if we can do even better this year.

This had some great games with three matches finishing with less than a goal the difference. Having 9 games to select each round might seem a little daunting to some, but we already have two people to make the perfect selection of 9/9 in this round.

Congratulations go to Helen Groves and Brian Wren who are now joint leaders and win $15-00 each.

Two people selected 8/9 – Mary Bullock and Margaret Whittington who also did a great job.

Good luck to all in Round 2.