Final Round – Round 23

Well what a funny round of scores we got this week. Our best tipster this week was Doreen Gibson with 7/9 so well done Doreen.

We finished up with a five way tie at the top of our ladder this year, which has never happened before. On a score of 134 were Don Doig, Betty Hanley, Roger Hooper (our international tipster in England), Skid, and Lena Wilkinson.

Well done to all of you. These five share the prize money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd – a total of $550-00 so each receive $110-00. The next group down were on 130 and technically finished equal 6th were Norm Copley, Elsie Muenchow and Nola Wilson so well done to you also.

As the last jackpot was not won, the person at the bottom of our ladder takes home the unclaimed funds. This year the $80-10 goes to Della Chamberlain on a score of 85

At the end of the year we will pay out $1,470-00 to some very clever people, and with your help and support to the club by entering the footy tipping, the club raised $820-00 so many thanks to everyone who entered and encouraged their family and friends to enter also.
We hope to have you all back again next year for this footy tipping “with a difference”

A special thanks must go to Steve Doig who gets all the weekly information onto the club’s website for us for all to read.

Best wishes and thanks to all


Steve’s note: thank you Chris & Nola for all of your continued hard work running a great competition for the club.

Round 22 (17th August)

This round gave us some surprising results with teams that are fighting to stay in the run for the finals. Some of those that needed to win, lost, so the run for the top eight is still in the balance – but that makes it more interesting going into the last round.

It is the same with out footy tipping….. No one selected 9/9 but Gail Harper managed to get 8/9 so well done Gail. We now have three people sitting on top of our ladder on a score of 130. Congrats here go to Don Doig, Betty Hanley and Lena Wilkinson. Just one further back we have Roger Hooper on 129, and “Skid” on 128, with Norm Copley, Elsie Muenchow and Nola Wilson all on 126 so it is very likely that our three “winners” will come from this group.

With Keith Holland selecting 9/9 for round 21, and no winner this week, our jackpot for the last round is $80-00. If no one selects 9/9 the person at the bottom of the ladder will take out the balance, so it will be clear that Della Chamberlain will take home either $80-10 if the 9/9 is NOT selected or 10cents if the 9/9 IS selected
Good luck to everyone for the final week’s tipping


Round 21 (10th August)

Like the previous round, this round gave us some good scores and great tipping. Eight people managed to score 8/9 and one person gave us the magical 9/9 with his tipping. Congratulations go to Keith Holland who wins this week’s jackpot of $40-00. Well done Keith.

Our leader on 125 is Lena Wilkinson, followed on 124 by Don Doig, Betty Hanley and “Skid” while our international tipster Roger Hooper is on 123. With just 2 rounds to go, it is proving to be very exciting once again. At the “other” end where the person takes home any unclaimed money we have Della Chamberlain on 79 and Pam Zscharnagk on 88.

Next week we have another $40-00 up for grabs so good luck to all.


Round 20 (3rd Aug)

This round gave us 5 games where the results was less than a goal so tipping could have gone either way on all of these games. BUT we did have three people who managed to select the perfect 9/9 at last. We congratulate Don Doig, David Kitto and Lena Wilkinson who all share the jackpot of $280-00, collecting $93-30 each. Well done.

We also had another 9 people select 8/9. With selecting 9/9 this week, Lena Wilkinson now is our leader on 118, followed on 117 by Don Doig and Betty Hanley, then on 116 are Roger Hooper and “Skid” with Nola Wilson rounding out the top six on 114.

With just three rounds to go the scores are proving very interesting.

Next week our jackpot reverts to $40-00 again so good luck to everyone


Round 19 (27th July)

What a round that was to try and select a winner, especially with both of the WA teams being beaten and Carlton having a win. The average result this week was 4/9, but one person did select 8/9 and a further 4 selected 7/9. This week we congratulate “ANZACS” for the 8/9 result – well done.

Even some our of leaders had a bad week. Sitting at the top of our ladder on 110 is “SKID” followed on 109 by Betty Hanley, Roger Hooper (our International Tipster) and Lena Wilkinson and one further back on 108 is Don Doig. Great scoring everyone.

With no winner our jackpot next week hits the highest it has been on $280-00 so we hope there are no surprise results next week and we have a few winners to share this amount. Good Luck everyone.


Round 18 (20th of July)

This round gave us another “surprise” result with The Gold Coast Suns defeating Sydney Swans in Sydney, and two games with a results of less than a goal – so these could have gone either way especially with one being a kick after the final siren.

No one got the magic 9/9 BUT 11 people managed to select 8/9 so well done to all those people.

With just five rounds left, we are now getting a “Log Jam” at the top of our ladder. In fact we have 9 people within 3 points of the top of the ladder. On 105 we have “Skid” and Lena Wilkinson, on 104 are Betty Hanley and Jill Mather, on 103 is Don Doig and on 102 are Norm Copley, Roger Hooper, Natasha Wilson and Nola Wilson so anyone can win from here.

With no winner again this week – next week is now worth $240-00 so good luck EVERYONE


Round 17 (12th July)

Obviously Brisbane didn’t get the memo from the AFL saying that “No one is to beat Hawthorn in Tasmania and that is why we make the Far-away states play them in Tasmania to have to make two flights”

Also, how can Fremantle kick their second goal of the match in the third quarter to reach a score of 2 goals 9 behinds and take the lead against the team in fourth position? And they expect us to select winners !!!

No one selected Brisbane over Hawthorn yet we still had 14 people get 7/9 this week so well done to those people.

We also have a change at the top of our leaders board. On a great score of 99 is “Skid”, followed on 98 by Betty Hanley and Jill Mather, and on 97 is Lena Wilkinson.

Next week we have $200-00 up for the taking if you can manage that 9/9 – good luck.


Round 16 (5th July)

We had some excellent tipping this week with good results for most people. No one manager that elusive 9/9, but Mike Eames #2 and Keith Holland both scored 8/9. Great tipping guys.

We now have a 3 way tie at the top of our leaders board. On the great score of 93, we have Betty Hanley, Jill Mather and “Skid”.  One further back on 92 is Lena Wilkinson and on 91 is Norm Copley. Well done with some consistent tips.

With no winner this week, next week we have $160-00 up for grabs so good luck..


Round 15 (28th June)

This was a bad weekend for the WA teams and as such created havoc with most people and their tipping, yet we still had five people select 7/9 which was the best for this week. Those five people were Mike Eames #2, Betty Hanley, Elsie Muenchow, Michael Spadanuda and Brian Wren. Well done to those five.

Our leaders is still Jill Mather who is now on 88, but her lead now is just 1 game from Betty Hanley, Skid and Lena Wilkinson who are on 87, followed on 85 by Don Doig.

With no winner this week, our jackpot for next week is $120-00 so good luck with your tips for next week


Round 14 (21st June)

With the last of the “bye” rounds and only 6 games to pick winners, this still proved difficult. Only a hand full of people selected Essendon to defeat the Eagles and with the Kangaroos defeating the Western Bulldogs with 20 seconds to go it proved the difference for most tippers. No one selected 6/6 but we had six people select 5/6 – Jacob Bracewell, Gail Harper, Jill Mather (our leader) Evan Reid, Chris Wilson and Natasha Wilson.

Jill remains our leaders and is now on 84, followed by Skid on 82 and Lena Wilkinson on 81. Great Tipping!
With no winner this week the jackpot for 9/9 next week is worth $80-00 so good luck everyone