Round 4

This weekend gave us games with huge winning margins but at the same time some upsets. No one had the the perfect selection, but 5 people did manage 8/9 – Lois Bracewell, Betty Hanley, Margaret Kitto, Marion Lake and Denis Morrice. Well done to all of you.

Jill Mather remains our overall leader and is now on a score of 29, followed by Betty Hanley and Natasha Wilson both on 27.

Next week our jackpot climbs to $80-00 so good luck to everyone


Round 3

Well this was a better week for the tipping, with both WA teams winning AGAIN…. is in most cases a big help. We had four people select the perfect 9/9 for this round and they each win $30-00 as their share of the $120-00 jackpot. For this we congratulate Mary Carr, Jill Mather, Stephen Taylor and Natasha Wilson. Well done to all four of you.

We have a new leader at the top of our ladder – Jill Mather. Great work Jill. Jill is on a score of 22, followed two games behind on 20 by Mary Carr, David Kitto and Natasha Wilson.

With the carry over jackpot being won, next week we have $40-00 up for the taking so good luck to all.


Round 2 (Easter Weekend)

Well at least this weekend both WA teams had a win, but it didn’t seem to help with everyone’s tipping. With only four favourites winning, and only three home teams winning, it was very difficult this week.

Our best tipsters scored 7/9 and for this we congratulate David Kitto, Jill Mather, Annette Peacock and Denise Pruim. Well done folks. On the top of the ladder we have two people on 14 – David Kitto and Denise Pruim, who are closely followed on 13 by Trish Emond, Jill Mather and Nola Wilson. Nice to see that 4 of our top 5 tipsters are ladies.

With no winner this week, we have $120-00 to give away next week to share with anyone who can select the 9/9, so good luck to everyone.


Round 1

Thank you to everyone who have joined in our footy tipping this year.  We have 57 people chasing a share in our total payout of $1,470-00, so hope you have tipped well, not necessarily by the heart.

Well off to a flyer first round with lots of home teams winning, but our two WA teams not quite getting there.

No one selected the perfect 9/9, but we did have seven people miss by one game, selecting 8/9.  Most of them missed Essendon defeating Adelaide. These clever people are :- Ted Bulluss, Mike Concannon, Don Doig, Mike Eames #1, Trish Emond, Roger Hooper and Chris Wilson, and these people obvious make up our leading group

With no winner this week, Round 2 is now worth $80-00 for the perfect pick, so good luck to everyone.