Round 13 (15th June)

This week gave us just 6 games but this still proved difficult to select winner.  We had 12 people select 5/6 but one person did get the perfect score and for this we congratulate Lois Reid. Well done Lois and she has taken out the jackpot of $160-00.

Our leader is still Jill Mather who is now on a score of 79, followed by “Skid” on 78, Lena Wilkinson on 77 and both Don Doig and Betty Hanley on 76.

Next week is the last of the “bye” rounds of just 6 games and the jackpot returns to $40-00

Good Luck folks

Round 12 (8th June)

With the first of the three “bye” rounds there were 7 games this weekend to select winners. No one did this but 12 people fell just short, selecting 6 of the 7 winners.

We have two people currently at the top of our ladder. On a score of 74 are Jill Mather and “Skid”. Great work.

Just one game behind them we have Lena Wilkinson on 73, then on 72 we have Don Doig and Betty Hanley, so the tipping is getting very interesting at the half way mark.

Next week we have just 6 games to select and the jackpot is worth $160-00 so hopefully we could have a few winners.  Good Luck.


Round 11 (1st of June)

This was the last round of 9 games before the next three rounds of reduced games because of the “byes”.

This round was worth $80-00 but no one selected the 9/9 needed to collect the jackpot. We did have four people select 8/9 and for this we congratulate Denis Morrice, Mark Rule, Michael Spadanuda and Peter Whittington. Well done guys – great tipping.

Round 12 is now worth $120-00 so good luck


Round 10

With only eight games this week it was still very difficult to select winners with most people selecting 4/8 and no one getting 8/8.

Our over all leaders remain the same with Kill Mather and Skid both selecting 4/8 and now move to 62, just one game clear of a few tipsters.

Next week the jackpot is worth $80-00 for the 9/9 perfect score with the following 3 weeks being the “bye” rounds so less winners to select.
Good Luck Everyone


Round 9 (18th of May)

This round gave us a game in China and also produced some unusual results and big margins. BUT one of our tipsters did manage that elusive perfect score. Mike Eames #2 selected 9/9 and for this wins the jackpot of $240-00 – well done Mike.

Two people just missed out both selecting 8/9 and both missing the same game. This was done by Jill Mather and SKID.

With this outstanding tipping by Jill Mather and SKID, this puts them both at the top of our ladder on a score of 58, followed closely on 57 by Mary Carr, Don Doig and Lena Wilkinson

Our jackpot reverts to $40-00 for next week and we have only 8 games next week to select winners, due to the two teams that played in China this weekend, having a bye.

Good luck everyone


Round 8 (May 11th)

With a few “surprise” results this week it was difficult to get the all right tips in place. No one selected all the winners but we did have two people select 8/9. This week we congratulate “Ollie and Dott” and Mark Rule for their great tipping.

The ladder is proving very exciting with a bit of a “log jam” at the top with 7 people within one point of each other. We have three people sitting on top with a score of 51 – Mary Carr, Don Doig and Lena Wilkinson.

Well done to you three, and sitting one game back on 50 we have Betty Hanley, Marion Lake, Jill Mather and Skid.

With no winner again this week, we have the massive jackpot of $240-00 up for grabs next week so good luck everyone.


Round 7

This round gave us a few surprises but we still had some good tipping. No one selected 9/9, but we did have 3 falling just one game short and selected 8/9. For this we say well done to Norm Copley, Don Doig and Lena Wilkinson.

We now have joint leaders at the top of our ladder with Jill Mather and Lena Wilkinson both on 46, followed by Mary Carr and Don Doig just one behind on 45, and a big group on 44, so good tipping this week.

Next week the jackpot climbs to $200-00 so keep those fingers crossed that you tipped well for round 8.


Round 6

This week saw some great tipping with many high scores and yet we still did not have anyone select 9/9. Two people selected 8/9 and for this we say well done to David Kitto and G Peacock.

Jill Mather remains our overall leader and is now on 41. Three games behind Jill on 38 are Mary Carr and Lena Wilkinson with another 8 people just one game further back on 37.

This now means that next week the jackpot is worth $160-00 for tipping 9/9 so good luck everyone


Round 5 (Anzac Week)

This week proved to be very hard to pick a winner – even though both WA teams had a win and we had a drawn game so everyone should get at least 1, most people selected only 4 or 5.

We did have one person select 8/9 and another select 7/9. Russell McKenney select 8/9 and Roger Hooper (our international tipster in the UK) select 7/9 so well done to you guys.

Our overall leader is Jill Mather on a score of 34. Jill increased her lead over the field and is now 3 ahead of Mary Carr, Tim Edwards, Roger Hooper, Russell McKenney, Annette Peacock and Lena Wilkinson who are all on 31.

With no winner, next week’s jackpot increases to $120-00 so good tipping everyone.


Round 4

This weekend gave us games with huge winning margins but at the same time some upsets. No one had the the perfect selection, but 5 people did manage 8/9 – Lois Bracewell, Betty Hanley, Margaret Kitto, Marion Lake and Denis Morrice. Well done to all of you.

Jill Mather remains our overall leader and is now on a score of 29, followed by Betty Hanley and Natasha Wilson both on 27.

Next week our jackpot climbs to $80-00 so good luck to everyone