Round 13 (June 13th)

This week gave us some good tipping results for the second week of the Bye Rounds which shows that it is just as hard to get 6/6 as it is to get 9/9
One person did select the 6/6 this week and for this we congratulate Don Doig – well done Don, who wins $40-00.

The top of the ladder is proving very exciting with 7 people within two points of each other at the virtual half way mark of the competition. We have a tie at the top – on a score of 74 we have Greg Harper and Natasha Wilson, who are followed just one point behind on 73 by Don Doig and Mike Eames #2, and a further 1 point behind them on 72 we have Mark Chamberlain, Betty Hanley and Nola Wilson.

Great tipping folks. Let’s see what the second half of the season brings as we race towards the finals.

Next week we have another $40-00 up for the taking in the last of the rounds of just 6 games, so good luck to all.


Round 12 (7th June)

With the round only being 6 games we thought there may be a few winners this week however after the Friday night’s game there were only 7 still in the running. Norm Beaton was the only one who managed to hold on and pick all 6 winners and takes this week’s jackpot of $120. Congratulations Norm

Greg Harper remains our leader on 71 with Natasha Wilson on 69 and Norm Copley, Mike Eames and Denise Pruim on 68

Next week’s jackpot is back to $40. Good luck to everyone

Round 11 (31st May)

The results were interesting this week to say the least. By the end of the second game almost everyone was out of the running for the money. We did however have two that managed to pick 8 this round. Congratulations to Helen Doig and Denise Pruim

Greg Harper has started to pull away at the top of the leader board with 68 followed by Betty Hanley and Denise Pruim on 65. With no winner again this week the jackpot will be $120. Next week is the start of the bye round with 6 matches so good luck to all.

Round 10 (24th May)

This week was a steady round of tipping but unfortunately no one managed to pick 9/9.

Congratulations to Greg Harper thought who selected 8/9 and moves to the outright lead on 62. He is closely followed by Betty Hanley on 60 and Mark Chamberlain and Steve Doig both on 59

Next week’s jackpot is $80. Good luck to all.

Round 9 (17th May)

Well after a horror start to the year for our tipsters it appears that the teams we were expecting to win at the beginning of the year have finally come to play. An impressive 15 people picked 8/9 with most missing the Brisbane win over Adelaide. More impressively there were 4 people who pick 9/9. Congratulations to Ted Bullus, Betty Hanley, Colin Matthews and Natasha Wilson on achieving this feat and winning $10 each.

We have a 3 way tie at the top of the leader board with Mike Eames, Betty Hanley and Greg Harper all on 54. They are closely followed by Mark Chamberlain and Brian Wren on 53 with another 7 people on 52.

As the Jackpot has gone off there is $40 to be won next week. Good Luck.

Round 8 (10th May)

This round gave us some more excellent tipping with 15 people selecting 8/9 (most missing the SA Derby) but we also had two people select 9/9 – Gail Harper and Mike Kessell. Great job you two. Gail and Mike win $40-00 each for their tipping.

We have four people sharing the top of our tipping ladder on a score of 46. We congratulate here Mike Eames #1, Greg Harper, Ollie & Dot, and Brian Wren. Just one game behind them on 45 we have Mark Chamberlain, Betty Hanley, Denise Pruim and Nola Wilson, all having a great result this weekend.

As the jackpot was won this week, next week we have $40-00 up to be won – good luck to all.


Round 7 (3rd May)

Again this week we had some good tipping, and although no one pick 9/9, we had 10 people select 8/9 winners. For this feat we say well done to :- Steve Doig, Tim Edwards, Alex Foster, Keith Holland, G F Peacock, Lois Reid, Dan Sewell, Kylie Squiers, Steve Taylor and Brian Wren.

The top of the ladder is also now becoming a bit of a log jam with four people sharing the lead on 39 – Mike Eames #1, Ollie & Dot, Denise Pruim, and Brian Wren. To put the pressure on the leaders, we have another 5 people just one game behind on 38, so well done to everyone this week.

With no winner, we have $80-00 available to anyone who select 9/9 next weekend, so good luck everyone.


Round 6 (24th April)

This round did not have any major upsets so we had some great results with the 9/9 being selected for the first time this year.

Five people made the perfect tipping look easy and these clever people are Mark Chamberlain, Don Doig, Greg Harper, Dan Sewell and Donald Wilson. Well done guys!! They share the jackpot of $240-00 and win $48-00 each for their efforts.

We also had a further 10 people select 8/9 so good tipping all round.

“Ollie & Dot” remain our overall leader on a score of 34, closely followed on 32 by Russell Coleman, Mike Eames #1, Mike Eames #2, and Denise Pruim.

With the jackpot being won this week, we now revert to a $40-00 jackpot for next week.

Good luck to all


Round 5 (18th April)

OK. So here is the situation….. and it is not April Fool’s Day

St Kilda are in 2nd place on the ladder having only lost one game. Richmond, Sydney and Hawthorn are all out of the top 8, and this round 7 “away” teams won with the average winning margin of 44 points, and we wonder why no one can pick a winner.

This week our average score was 5/9, so if you were one of the 8 people who selected 6/9 you did extremely well. One person even managed 7/9 and for this we say “well done” to Jim Sellers. Great tipping Jim!!!

We have a new leader at the top of our ladder on the fabulous total of 28. Our new leader is “OLLIE & DOT” Great work ladies. Just one game behind our new leader on 27 is Denise Pruim, and two games further back on 25 we have Shirley Christie, Russell Coleman and Mike Eames #1, with a further 7 people on 24.

As we had no winner this week, next week we have $240-00 ready for the taking – all you have to do is select 9 winners, so good luck

Hope you all had a safe and happy Easter


Round 4 (11th April)

This round gave us some much better scores and although still no one has selected the perfect 9/9, this week we had 6 people select 7/9. For this feat we congratulate Russell Coleman, Mike Concannon, Betty Hanley, Roger Hooper, Mark Rule and Nola Wilson. Well done!

Denise Prium remains our leader and is now on 23, but she is being hard pushed by Shirley Christie and “Ollie & Dot” who are both on 22.

With no winner again this week, next week we have $200-00 for the taking so good luck everyone.

Have a happy and safe Easter to you all.