Round 11

ROUND 11 and with both the WA teams losing it would be hard to pick all the winners. No one selected 9/9 but we did have three people selecting 8/9, all missing the same game – Essendon beating West Coast. These three people were “ANZACS”, Marion Lake and Chris Wilson. Great tipping.

Helen Doig remains our leader and is now on 75, followed by Lena Wilkinson on 71 with Gail Harper and Marion Lake on 70 followed by three others on 69, so the top is trying to close in on Helen.

With no winner this week, next week we have $80-00 for the taking, and with only 6 games each for the next three rounds, hopefully, we should get a few selecting 6/6 and taking some money home.

Good luck everyone


Round 10

ROUND 10 and what an exciting round this turned out to be. Two games were won by just 1 point and another game was just 2 points difference. This gave us some very exciting results. We had two people select the perfect 9/9 – Congrats to Helen Doig and Lena Wilkinson. They share the Jackpot of $200-00, collecting $100-00 each (so far) at the end of the season.

We also had eight people select 8/9 winners, of which 5 missed by just 1 point. Here we say well done to Shirley Christie, Mike Eames, Colin Matthews, Mark Rule, Kylie Squiers, Stephen Taylor, Tim & Rodg, and Nola Wilson.

With 9/9, Helen Doig remains our overall leader and is now on 69 out of a possible 90, extending her lead from Gail Harper on 65, Lena Wilkinson on 64 and three others on 63. The ladies are still showing us all how to do it.

Next week the prize pool returns to $40-00 so good luck and good tipping everyone


Round 9

ROUND 9 proved to be a hard one to pick winners. The average score was 6/9 with only seven people selecting 7/9 which was our best results this week. These seven clever people this week are Norm Beaton, Mary Carr, Mark Chamberlain, Mike Eames, Kevin Farrell, Marion Lake and Lois Reid. Well done.

The ladies are certainly showing the way with Helen Doig on top of the ladder on 60, followed by Gail Harper on 58 and Betty Hanley on 57.

With no winner again this week, next week we have $200-00 up for grab for anyone picking the elusive 9/9 so good luck.


Round 8

ROUND 8 and what great tipping we had and eight people NEARLY making the perfect score, falling just one game short with 8/9. All of them, except one person, picked Richmond to defeat Geelong, whereas the other person selected Fremantle to defeat Brisbane. These exceptional tipsters scoring 8/9 were Ted Bulluss, Gail Harper, Greg Harper, Roger Hooper (our international tipster) Faye Kitto, George Peacock, Tim & Rodg, and Natasha Wilson. Great tipping everyone.

Helen Doig continues to remain our leader on a score of 54, followed by Gail Harper on 52, then Betty Hanley and Greg Harper on 51. Keep it up, folks.

With no winner, next week the jackpot hits $160-00 for that elusive 9/9, so good luck,


Round 7

ROUND 7 and this gave us some very unexpected results and therefore was very hard to pick winners. We had no one pick 9/9, in fact the best tipping was 7/9, but we had 9 people with this score so great work to those nine people. (ANZACS, Helen Doig, Kevin Farrell, Betty Hanley, Gail Harper, Greg Harper, Marion Lake, Mark Rule, and Natasha Wilson)

Helen Doig remains at the top of our ladder after selecting 7/9 and is now on the fantastic score of 48 – still higher than the “experts” in the West Australian. Great tipping Helen. Helen is closely followed by Betty Hanley on 45, and Mike Concannon and Gail Harper both on 44.

With no winner this week, our jackpot jumps to $120-00 for Round 8, so we hope you have lots of luck for next week.


Round 6

ROUND 6 gave us some unexpected results with Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs still undefeated. No one selected 9/9, but we did have eight select 7/9, – Mike Concannon, Don Doig, Mike Eames, Betty Hanley, Lois Reid, Tim & Rodg, Don Wilson and Nola Wilson. The average score this week was 6/9

Helen Doig remains on top of the ladder with an unbelievable score of 41/54. Great work Helen. Helen is 3 ahead of four others on 38 – Mike Concannon, Betty Hanley, Lois Reid and Chris Wilson, so the chase is on.

With no winner this week, our jackpot for next week is $80-00, so good luck to everyone.


Round 5

ROUND 5 and this gave us the best tipping so far – it might have helped with both WA teams having wins.

We had three people this week with the perfect tipping of 9/9 and here we congratulate Mike Concannon, Gail Harper, and Greg Harper and they share the $120-00 jackpot collecting $40-00 each. Well Done folks.

We also had another 8 people select 8/9 so great tipping everyone.

Helen Doig remains our overall leader after selecting 8/9 and is now on 35, followed closely by Chris Wilson on 33, with six others on 31. Helen has a higher score than the top tipster in the “West Australian” who tip weekly allowing for injuries and weather conditions. Keep it going Helen.

Next week the jackpot reverts to $40-00 so good luck to everyone


Round 4

ROUND 4 gave us some unexpected results, however, three people still managed to score 7/9 – well done to “ANZACS” Helen Doig and Pam Zscharnagk who all managed this feat.

Picking 7/9 has also shot Helen Doig to the top of our ladder on 27 with a three-point buffer from 4 others on 24 – Norm Beaton, Colin Matthews, Faye Scorer and Chris Wilson. Well done Helen

With no winner this week, our jackpot shoots up to $120-00 for Round 5, so hope you have all tipped well. Fingers crossed.


Round 3

ROUND 3 gave us some very strong tipping with good results. No one selected the perfect 9/9, but two people scored 8/9 – Norm Beaton and Mike Kessell – well done guys.

We now have three people at the top of the ladder on a great score of 20. Here we congratulate Norm Beaton, Helen Doig and Lois Reid. Great tipping – just keep it going.

Next week we have $80-00 up for grabs so keep those fingers crossed. Hope everyone had a good Easter


Round 2

Round 2 gave us some interesting results with one game decided by just 1 point and another by just 7 points, so some great footy to watch. The tipping this week was of a very high standard with 8 people selecting 8/9 (most of who missed Melbourne’s win over St Kilda) Well done.

We did however have just 1 person select the correct 9/9 and take home our jackpot of $80-00. Here we say congratulations to Chris Wilson.

With the great tipping this weekend we have 7 people at the top of our tipping ladder on a great score of 13. These clever people are Helen Doig, Greg Harper, Carole Indriolo, Lois Reid, Peter Whittington, Lena Wilkinson and Chris Wilson. We now have another $40-00 up from the taking next weekend so good luck to everyone and have a safe and happy Easter to all.