Round 21

ROUND 21 proved how much teams have changed since last year. Picking this week’s tip at the start of the year was very difficult compared with the current form. The average this week was only 5/9 and the best tipping was 7/9. This was achieved by only one person – our “London” tipster Rodger Hooper. Well Done Roger!

The five people at the top of our leaders board ALL scored 5/9 so we have no change. Fran Chamberlain is on 124, followed by Donald Wilson on 123, then Mike O’Rafferty, “Tim & Rodg” and Natasha  Wilson all on 122. There is a gap of 5 games to our next best on 117 where we have Steve Doig and Faye Scorer.

With no winner this week, we have $280-00 just waiting for someone to win, so keep those fingers crossed and good luck everyone.


Round 20

ROUND 20 gave us some great tipping results. Eight home teams won making it a little easier. We had no winner again BUT five people missed by just one game, selecting 8/9 this week. Here, we say well done to Della Chamberlain, Skid, Kylie Squiers, Steve Taylor and “Tim & Rodg”.

Fran Chamberlain remains at the top of our leader’s board and is now on a score of 119. Fran is closely followed by Donald Wilson on 118, Mike O’Rafferty, “Tim & Rodg”, and Natasha Wilson all on 117, then Steve Doig on 113, and on 111 are Mark Chamberlain and Faye Scorer. With just three weeks to go, it would be highly likely that our winners will come from this group. However funnier things have happened before. Our jackpot next week is $240-00 which is there for anyone to grab.

With just three weeks to go we start to look at the “other” end of our leader’s board. If after Round 23 we still have money in the jackpot, half goes to the person at the bottom of the ladder and the other half goes to the Tennis Club. We could have up to $320-00 here if no one selects 9/9.  Currently at the bottom of the ladder is Danika Squiers on 82, followed by Stella Squiers on 90 with two others on 91, so there is a lot of interest here also.

With $240-00 available for next week, we wish everyone good luck and good tipping.


Round 19

ROUND 19 and there were five results that were twenty points or less, obviously making it difficult to pick winners. With Friday Night’s game being drawn, we all started with a win in our tipping. Once more no one selected all the winners but seven people did select 7/9. These extremely clever people are Kevin and Kyra Keosoff, Mark Rule, TATT, Margaret Whittington, Lena Wilkinson, Donald Wilson and Nola Wilson. That was some great tipping, and well done to all.

With just 4 weeks remaining, the top of our ladder is very exciting, with your top five, at this stage, all one point apart from each other. On 113 is Fran Chamberlain, 112 is Donald Wilson, 111 is Natasha Wilson, 110 is Mike O’Rafferty and on 109 is “Tim & Rodg”

Next week the jackpot hits the magic $200-00. If you want it, come and take it (hopefully to everyone)


Round 18

ROUND 18 gave us some good tipping and some not-so-good tipping but Annette and George Peacock selected 8/9. That was great tipping folks

Fran Chamberlain and Natasha Wilson remain joint leaders at the top of our ladder on 107 but are starting to pull away from the rest of the field, with Mike O’Rafferty,”Tim & Rodg” and Donald Wilson all on 105 and Mark Chamberlain on 103.

With no winner this week we now have $160-00 ready to be won and only another five weeks to go, so good luck everyone to get into the monies


Round 17

ROUND 17 has proven to be one of the hardest to select winners at the start of the season as the average for this week was only 4.5 out of 9. The best tipster this week was Michael Spadanuad who tipped 7 winners. Well done Michael.

Even our ladder leaders found this round difficult and as such we now have a change at the top of the ladder. Our ladies have taken over. On 101 we have Fran Chamberlain and Natasha Wilson as joint leaders, followed on 100 by Mike O’Rafferety and “Tim & Rodg” while just one game further back on 99 is Donald Wilson, while on 98 is Mark Chamberlain
and Steve Doig is on 97. Great tipping everyone.

Next week our jackpot is $120-00 so good luck and good tipping


Round 14

ROUND 14 was the last of the “Bye” rounds where you only needed to select 6/6 and what a successful round for the tipping it proved to be. We had 6 people select the magical 6/6, sharing the $40-00 jackpot and winning $6-65 each.  We say congrats and well done to “ANZACS”, Mark Chamberlain, Grayden Lang, Mike O’Rafferty, Donald Wilson and Pam Zscharnagk.

“Tim & Rodg” are still our leaders and now on a score of 83. Great Tipping! Just behind them on 81 are Fran Chamberlain, Mark Chamberlain and Mike O’Rafferty, followed by Natasha Wilson on 80.

We have another forty dollars up for the taking next week for selecting 9/9 winners so good luck everyone.


Round 13

ROUND 13 and what an exciting end to this round. With just one game to go, we had six people sitting on 5/5 looking at the jackpot of $400-00.

Keeping the fingers crossed were Roger Hooper, David Kitto, Faye Kitto, Margaret Kitto, Peter Whittington and Lena Wilkinson. For the last game, five tipped Melbourne and just one tipped Collingwood, so we say CONGRATULATIONS to Lena Wilkinson who collects $400-00. This means that for Round 14, the last of the “Bye” rounds where you need to select 6/6, we revert to a jackpot of $40-00. Fran Chamberlain and “Tim & Rodg” also selected 5/6, having missed an earlier game in the round.

“Tim & Rodg” remain our leaders and are now on a score of 78. Great tipping guys. They are closely followed by Fran Chamberlain on 76, with Mark Chamberlain, Mike O’Rafferty and Natasha Wilson all on 75, and Steve Doig, Mike Eames, and Donald Wilson on 73.

Good luck to everyone for Round 14.


Round 12

ROUND 12 and the first of the “bye” rounds still proved to be difficult to select all the winners. No one managed this feat, but ONCE MORE we had two people falling just one game short of the perfect score. This week we salute Steve Doig and Kevin Farrell who both selected 5/6. (Keven selected 8/9 just two weeks ago, so he is hitting form.) With no winner this week, we have $400-00 up for the taking with only six winners to select.

Our leaders didn’t have very good results this weekend so the gap at the top is closing in very quickly. “Tim & Rodg” remain our leaders and are now on 73, with Mark Chamberlain on 72, and Fran Chamberlain, Mike O’Rafferty and Natasha Wilson are all on 71.

Good luck to everyone for next week.


Round 11


Firstly apologies from us for the late marking of this round and getting the information out to everyone. The reason for the delay was that we went to Melbourne for the Dockers game against  Melbourne and only arrived back in Perth last night, so here are the results for which you have been waiting.

Another interesting round of results with once again some very good tipping. Although no one scored the 9/9 we AGAIN have three people select 8/9, all missing Fremantle defeating Melbourne. We  say well done and great tipping to Fran Chamberlain, Colin Matthews and Nola Wilson.

“Tim and Rodg” remain our leaders and are now on 72, followed by Mark Chamberlain on 70 and Natasha Wilson on 69.

Next week we have the start of the “Bye” rounds so there are only 6 games to select all winners to take out the jackpot. As this now stands at $360-00 for all six winners, hopefully we will have quite a few share the jackpot, so keep those fingers crossed.


Round 10

ROUND 10 gave us some interesting results with a couple of games being played at unusual venues and some terrible weather at others. No one selected 9/9 but we still had two people fall just one game short on 8/9, both missing a different game. These two very clever people are Kevin Farrell and Lena Wilkinson. Well done Kevin and Lena.

Our ladder leaders are still “Tim & Rodg” on a fantastic score of 66. In second position on 63 are Mark Chamberlain and Natasha Wilson, with just one game further back on 62 are Mike Eames, Mike O’Rafferty and Donald Wilson.

Next week is the last week you need to select 9/9 before we head into three “Bye” rounds where you have to select 6/6 to be in the money. Next week our jackpot hits $320-00 for that elusive 9/9 so good luck and good tipping everyone.

Next week’s results will not be sent out until the Friday due to other commitments.