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Tennis For Life

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Fun, Friends, Fitness, Family

Welcome to Tennis For Life

As the club coach at Melville Palmyra Tennis Club, I feel very strongly about my business name, Tennis For Life. This is demonstrated in all my coaching programs, as I feel once you start taking part in any of the programs, you will be able to play Tennis For Life, and that is the beauty of this sport.

I started playing when I was very young and I was addicted from the start. I am very passionate about the sport and I feel I would love to pass this passion on to others who take part. Tennis has given me plenty of life skills which have helped me in all walks of life, not just on the court.

Fun, Friends, Fitness, Family

That is what tennis is all about!

Everyone is at a different level, but I believe with a bit of work and persistence, everyone can get better. Once you can do match play, tennis gets more fun! Once you start playing tennis there are so many social groups with in our club, you meet lots of people and are able to make new friends!

Tennis is a great way to get fit. It is great, because while you are out there having fun with your friends, you are exercising and working on your fitness at the same time. Getting fit without trying!

Along with meeting new people, because you can play for life, it is a great sport to get out and play with the family, not just mum or dad, but grandparents as well. It is a great way to spend time with your family!

What’s on in Term 2

Hot Shot Junior Programs9th May (8 weeks)
Beginners4-6 years $110Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
3:45 – 4:30pm
Skill Development7-10 years $115Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
4:30 – 5:30pm, Saturday 9-10am
Game Development11 years + $115Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
5:30 – 6:30pm, Saturday 10-11am
Holiday Clinicsfrom 4 yearsApril 26th – 29th
$95 full clinic, $60 half clinic
For more advanced players, there are 4 levels of squads for players to be invited into.
Adult Programs9th May (8 weeks)
Coaching for Beginners and Advanced $150Monday 9:30 – 11am (Advanced)
Tuesday 6:30 – 8pm (Advanced)
Thursday 7-8:30pm (Beginners)
Mums and Bubs Coaching $15 per sessionWednesday 9:30 – 10:30am
Social Tennis $7 per sessionWednesday 6:30 -8pm
Private lessons are also available for those players who would like to fast track their development.1 hour $64
45 minutes $48
30 minutes $32


I felt very welcome when I first joined the club, and the social tennis and social events are great.


Coach’s Blog

Our resident coach, Susan Brayshaw, from Tennis for Life, will be posting monthly updates, including tennis tips, player development tips, and coaching tips.

Stay tuned for more.

2011 City of Melville Junior Tournament Results

BOYS 18 and under SINGLESWINNERMatthew Heeg
RUNNER-UPJonathan Pinardi
BOYS 16 and under SINGLESWINNERJonathan Pinardi
BOYS 14 and under SINGLESWINNERTyler Hind
RUNNER-UPConnor Kahlenberg
GIRLS 14 and under SINGLESWINNERJelena Stojanovic
RUNNER-UPCourtney Reid
BOYS 12 and under SINGLESWINNERNeil Mabee
GIRLS 12 and under SINGLESWINNERMadeleine Wenham
RUNNER-UPCatherine Gabelish
BOYS 10 and under SINGLESWINNERAdam Kehane
RUNNER-UPSebastian Dobbs
GIRLS 10 and under SINGLESWINNERElise Dobbs

RUNNER-UPNadia Rajan
BOYS 14 and under DOUBLESWINNERSOliver Haslam & Lachlan Manser
RUNNERS-UPSam Alexander & Jessee Hartree
GIRLS 14 and under DOUBLESWINNERSAndrea Chitty & Kristen Twine
RUNNERS-UPJade Jarvis-Smith & Courtney Reid
BOYS 12 and under DOUBLESWINNERSAngus Barber & Neil Mabee
RUNNERS-UPRyan Hart & Patrick Nicholson
GIRLS 12 and under DOUBLESWINNERSCatherine Gabelish & Vanessa Taylor
RUNNERS-UPMillie Evans & Alice Monro