This week we had 8 people select 7/8 for the final round. Congratulations for this go to Les Capes, Mike Concannon, Don Doig, Rosemary Galloway, Helen Groves, Colin Matthews, Annette Peacock and Denise Pruim.

Our winner for this year on a great score of 140 is Betty Hanley who wins $250-00.
Betty was extremely consistent, selecting 8/8 a total of six times.

Second, on a score of 138 and winning $175-00 is Doreen Gibson.

Sharing third position on a score of 133 are Greg Harper and Colin Matthews who each win $62-50.

Congratulations to all our top winners.

As the jackpot of $60-00 was not won this week this money goes to the person at the “other end” of the ladder, and on a score of 71, Barbara Hodgson collects $60-00. Nice job Barbara.

For the record, this year we had 29 people select 8/8 and share in prize money and the 8/8 was selected a total of 45 timeS. This is UNBELIEVABLE!! Congratulations to those 29 people.

A special thanks goes to Steve Doig who has put the details onto our website every week, making our job much easier to get results to everyone.

We hope everyone has had fun with the footy tipping this year and thanks for taking part. It does make the football season a “little bit” more interesting.

We hope to have you all back again next year.

– Chris & Nola Wilson