ROUND 15 and what GREAT SCORES!!!

The jackpot was worth $90-00 this week and 10 people selected 8/8 and win $9-00 each. Our winners are (in alphabetical order) Helen Doig, Helen Groves, Betty Hanley, Greg Harper, Elsie Muenchow, Lois Reid, Mark Rule, Margaret Whittington, Hope Wilson and Nola Wilson.

Besides these very clever 10 people, another 17 selected 7/8.  This week our overall leader Doreen Gibson selected 2/8 and now shares the lead on 85 with Betty Hanley. Congratulations ladies. Just two behind Doreen and Betty on 83 is Russell McKenney, and on 82 we have Gail Harper and Annette Peacock.  Next week there are only 7 games so good luck everyone in trying to select 7/7.

Chris & Nola Wilson