ROUND 21 gave us a few unexpected results and resulted in no one picking all winners. David Kitto went very close and was the only person to select 7/8 – well done David.

Doreen Gibson selected 6/8 and moved to 122 and is now one game clear in the lead from Betty Hanley on 121. These two ladies have cleared away from the rest of the field a little, as four games further back on 117 we have Russell McKenney, then on 116 are Greg Harper and Annette Peacock. With just three rounds to go anyone can still be a winner.

At the end of the home and away games, if we have any money left in the jackpot carryover, this will go to the person on the bottom of the ladder. At this stage this COULD be worth $120-00. Next week is worth $60-00 so good luck to all.

– Chris & Nola Wilson