ROUND 10 and what a weekend of upsets. If you scored 5 or more you did extremely well, but we had two people select 8/9 – Mike Kessell and Peter Whittington. OK guys, how did you do it?

We have two people at the lead on 68 – Ted Bulluss and Colin Matthews – keep it going guys. Just one game behind them on 67 are Gail Harper and Mike Kessell, and one game further back on 66 are Betty Hanley and Brian Wren.

Next week we have a jackpot of $150-00 up for grabs and only having to select 6/6 next week, this could go off. The next three rounds are all 6/6 so we might have a few with a perfect selection, but then if it is like this weekend, we may not!

Good Luck Folks