ROUND 18 and apparently this was a very easy round to select the winners, so much so that we had 16 winners this week, so each one collects $1-80. We will get your winnings to you all soon.

This week we congratulate – Jacob Bracewell, Mark Chamberlain, Don Doig AND Don Doig 2, Steven Doig, Gail Harper, Greg Harper, Marion Lake, Mel Mason, Colin Matthews, Russell McKenney, Ollie & Dot, Annette Peacock, Lois Reid, D & P Ricci, and Sean White.

It is getting to the stage it would be easier to list those who did NOT select 9/9.  Great job to you all and great tipping.

Colin Matthews remain our leader and is now on 116, followed on 113 by Betty Hanley, Gail Harper, Mike Kessell, Mel Mason, Annette Peacock, D & P Ricci and Mel Wren. This group is followed by another 6 people on 111.

The top of the ladder is becoming a log jam as we race towards the finishing line with just 5 rounds to go.

Next week we have another $30-00 up for grabs – good luck!