ROUND 8 and what a round for results.

No one selected 9/9 BUT we had 17 people select 8/9. These very clever people are :- Susan Brayshaw, Kerry Carmichael, Mark Chamberlain, Mike Concannon, Helen Doig, Helen Groves, “Home Games” Kylie, Fay Kitto, Mel Mason, Colin Matthews, Russell McKenney, Denise Pruim, Laura Quinn, D & P Ricci, Sucklings, Stephen Taylor and Pam Zscharnagk.  Congrats to all of you.

Ted Bulluss is still our leader and is on 57, but just one game behind on 56 we have four people – Gail Harper, Colin Matthews, Sucklings, and Stephen Taylor.  It is very close at the top of the ladder.

Next week is now worth $90-00 so good luck everyone.