(7th July)

OK. Can anyone please explain to me why a team wins one week against a higher team, then loses the following week against a lower team, or more to the point if a team won last week and I picked them this week they lose? Most people seem to have the same problem as it is extremely difficult to select all the winners, even with ANOTHER tied game. The highest score this week was 7/9 of which 10 people managed to achieve. This means we jackpot again and next week is worth the massive $320-00.

We now have two people at the top of our leaders board. On the great score of 87 are David Kitto and Stephen Taylor. Just one behind on 86 is Mike Eames #1, and one further back on 85 is Barry Annandale. There are nine people right behind them on 84, so the race to the finish line is tightening up.
Good luck to every chasing the payout of $320-00 up for grabs next week.


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