(11th August)

This round appeared to be the best round so far for tipping (unless you were all holding back for a run at the finish) We had four people select 9/9 and another 13 people select 8/9. Our winners this week are Shirley Christie, Mike Concannon, Betty Hanley and Roger Hooper and for selecting all the winners they collect $20-00 each from the $80-00 jackpot.

The top of our tipping ladder is extremely close and with just two rounds to go we have David Kitto on 122, Mike Eames #1 on 121, Barry Annandale and Betty Hanley on 120 with quite a few very close behind them. Keeping in mind that after round 23, if the jackpot has not been won, any money here goes to the person at the “other end” of our ladder, and here also it is quite close between Doreen Gibson on 83 and Della Chamberlain on 88. One of these ladies COULD finish up collecting $80-00 if the 9/9 is not selected for the last two weeks.

Good Luck all and good tipping.


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