Obviously Brisbane didn’t get the memo from the AFL saying that “No one is to beat Hawthorn in Tasmania and that is why we make the Far-away states play them in Tasmania to have to make two flights”

Also, how can Fremantle kick their second goal of the match in the third quarter to reach a score of 2 goals 9 behinds and take the lead against the team in fourth position? And they expect us to select winners !!!

No one selected Brisbane over Hawthorn yet we still had 14 people get 7/9 this week so well done to those people.

We also have a change at the top of our leaders board. On a great score of 99 is “Skid”, followed on 98 by Betty Hanley and Jill Mather, and on 97 is Lena Wilkinson.

Next week we have $200-00 up for the taking if you can manage that 9/9 – good luck.