This round gave us another “surprise” result with The Gold Coast Suns defeating Sydney Swans in Sydney, and two games with a results of less than a goal – so these could have gone either way especially with one being a kick after the final siren.

No one got the magic 9/9 BUT 11 people managed to select 8/9 so well done to all those people.

With just five rounds left, we are now getting a “Log Jam” at the top of our ladder. In fact we have 9 people within 3 points of the top of the ladder. On 105 we have “Skid” and Lena Wilkinson, on 104 are Betty Hanley and Jill Mather, on 103 is Don Doig and on 102 are Norm Copley, Roger Hooper, Natasha Wilson and Nola Wilson so anyone can win from here.

With no winner again this week – next week is now worth $240-00 so good luck EVERYONE