Like the previous round, this round gave us some good scores and great tipping. Eight people managed to score 8/9 and one person gave us the magical 9/9 with his tipping. Congratulations go to Keith Holland who wins this week’s jackpot of $40-00. Well done Keith.

Our leader on 125 is Lena Wilkinson, followed on 124 by Don Doig, Betty Hanley and “Skid” while our international tipster Roger Hooper is on 123. With just 2 rounds to go, it is proving to be very exciting once again. At the “other” end where the person takes home any unclaimed money we have Della Chamberlain on 79 and Pam Zscharnagk on 88.

Next week we have another $40-00 up for grabs so good luck to all.