This round gave us some surprising results with teams that are fighting to stay in the run for the finals. Some of those that needed to win, lost, so the run for the top eight is still in the balance – but that makes it more interesting going into the last round.

It is the same with out footy tipping….. No one selected 9/9 but Gail Harper managed to get 8/9 so well done Gail. We now have three people sitting on top of our ladder on a score of 130. Congrats here go to Don Doig, Betty Hanley and Lena Wilkinson. Just one further back we have Roger Hooper on 129, and “Skid” on 128, with Norm Copley, Elsie Muenchow and Nola Wilson all on 126 so it is very likely that our three “winners” will come from this group.

With Keith Holland selecting 9/9 for round 21, and no winner this week, our jackpot for the last round is $80-00. If no one selects 9/9 the person at the bottom of the ladder will take out the balance, so it will be clear that Della Chamberlain will take home either $80-10 if the 9/9 is NOT selected or 10cents if the 9/9 IS selected
Good luck to everyone for the final week’s tipping