What a last round this was, especially with the effect it had on the final top eight ladder positions.

After the Hawthorn win on Saturday, we only had 3 people left with the possibility of getting that magical 9/9. No luck but we did have four people select 8/9. Here we say “well done” to Roger Hooper, Elsie Muenchow, Evan Reid and Steve Taylor.

Our winner this year on a great score of 127 was Mike Eames #2. Mike collects $250-00 for his great tipping.

Three games behind Mike on 124 we have a three way tie for second between Gail Harper, G F Peacock and Steve Taylor. They share second and third prize money and collect $100-00 each.

Just one game further back on 123, we have Mark Chamberlain, Greg Harper and Natasha Wilson. They finish in 5th position (there are four in front of them) and finish just out of the money.

As the jackpot was not won it goes to the person at the bottom of the ladder and here on 99 games was Della Chamberlain. Della was one game clear of Evan Reid who was on 100 after picking 8/9 this week and collects $360-00.

Over the season we have had 22 people share in the $1,470-00 we pay out, with $820-00 profit being made for the tennis club. For those who have won money during the season, we will be at the tennis club around 10-00 am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week to pay you

Many thanks for everyone who participated in our competition and we hope you (and your friends) will join us again next season.

A special thanks to Steve Doig for getting all the weekly information onto the club website so people could check their results.


Thanks to Chris & Nola for their work during the season organising the footy tipping competition.