With this being the last of the “Bye Rounds” we had some excellent tipping. In fact we had 8 people select 6/6 and a further 22 select 5/6.

Our winners this week selecting the magic 6/6 are Mark Chamberlain, Russell Coleman, Steve Doig, Mike Eames #1, David Kitto, Dan Sewell, Margaret Whittington and Peter Whittington. They share the jackpot of $40-00 and take home $5-00 each. Well done!

Our leader on a score of 79 is Natasha Wilson. Natasha is closely followed by Mark Chamberlain, Don Doig and Greg Harper who are all on 78, then we have Steve Doig, Mike Eames #2 and Betty Hanley on 77

Next week we return to having to select 9/9 with $40-00 reading for the taking so good luck everyone.