What a terrible round that was to try and select a winner. After Friday night’s game we only had 7 people left in the competition to win the jackpot this week and it got harder after that. The highest score this week was 6/9 with most people scoring 5/9.

Our leader is still Don Doig and Don is on a score of 94. Right next to him on 93, we have Mike Eames #2 and Greg Harper, and on 92 we have Mark Chamberlain, Steve Doig and Natasha Wilson.

Just out of interest, how is our tipping going compared to the 24 “so called experts” in the West Australian Newspaper? – after last weekend when Don Doig was on 89, ONLY ONE expert was on a higher score than Don, and that was Dennis Commetti.

With no winner again this week we have $160-00 for the jackpot next week so good luck !!