This round did not have any major upsets so we had some great results with the 9/9 being selected for the first time this year.

Five people made the perfect tipping look easy and these clever people are Mark Chamberlain, Don Doig, Greg Harper, Dan Sewell and Donald Wilson. Well done guys!! They share the jackpot of $240-00 and win $48-00 each for their efforts.

We also had a further 10 people select 8/9 so good tipping all round.

“Ollie & Dot” remain our overall leader on a score of 34, closely followed on 32 by Russell Coleman, Mike Eames #1, Mike Eames #2, and Denise Pruim.

With the jackpot being won this week, we now revert to a $40-00 jackpot for next week.

Good luck to all