FINAL ROUND. This again gave us a drawn game so everyone scored 1 game to start with. We had no one select 9/9 but two selected 8/9, both missing a different game. These two clever people were David Kitto and Mark Rule. Well done guys.

With the ladder and our winners we finished with a draw at the Top. On the great score of 129 games we have Betty Hanley and Marion Lake. Great tipping ladies. Betty and Marion share the combined 1st and 2nd prize money and collect $212-50 each. Just two game further back on 127 was Helen Doig being in third position and Helen collects $125-00 third prize money plus $100-00 for 9/9 during the season making a total of $225-00. Well done Helen. This means our three top tipsters are ladies. Helen was followed just one game back by Chris Wilson on 126 and Faye Scorer on 124.

As the jackpot of $360-00 was not picked, this is then paid to the “other end” of our ladder and again we had a draw here. Sharing this jackpot money are Della Chamberlain and Danika Squiers who take home $180-00 each.

A total $1,470-00 was shared by 14 people.

We would like to thank everyone for taking part in our tipping competition this year, especially after the Covid mess of 2020 and we look forward to hopefully everyone joining us again in 2022.

Many thanks


Many thanks must go to Chris & Nola Wilson for running such an entertaining competition every year since 2011, for raising money for the club, and for sharing money with the participants.

Thanks, Chris & Nola!

Steve Doig