ROUND 8 and what great tipping we had and eight people NEARLY making the perfect score, falling just one game short with 8/9. All of them, except one person, picked Richmond to defeat Geelong, whereas the other person selected Fremantle to defeat Brisbane. These exceptional tipsters scoring 8/9 were Ted Bulluss, Gail Harper, Greg Harper, Roger Hooper (our international tipster) Faye Kitto, George Peacock, Tim & Rodg, and Natasha Wilson. Great tipping everyone.

Helen Doig continues to remain our leader on a score of 54, followed by Gail Harper on 52, then Betty Hanley and Greg Harper on 51. Keep it up, folks.

With no winner, next week the jackpot hits $160-00 for that elusive 9/9, so good luck,