Firstly apologies from us for the late marking of this round and getting the information out to everyone. The reason for the delay was that we went to Melbourne for the Dockers game against  Melbourne and only arrived back in Perth last night, so here are the results for which you have been waiting.

Another interesting round of results with once again some very good tipping. Although no one scored the 9/9 we AGAIN have three people select 8/9, all missing Fremantle defeating Melbourne. We  say well done and great tipping to Fran Chamberlain, Colin Matthews and Nola Wilson.

“Tim and Rodg” remain our leaders and are now on 72, followed by Mark Chamberlain on 70 and Natasha Wilson on 69.

Next week we have the start of the “Bye” rounds so there are only 6 games to select all winners to take out the jackpot. As this now stands at $360-00 for all six winners, hopefully we will have quite a few share the jackpot, so keep those fingers crossed.