ROUND 19 and there were five results that were twenty points or less, obviously making it difficult to pick winners. With Friday Night’s game being drawn, we all started with a win in our tipping. Once more no one selected all the winners but seven people did select 7/9. These extremely clever people are Kevin and Kyra Keosoff, Mark Rule, TATT, Margaret Whittington, Lena Wilkinson, Donald Wilson and Nola Wilson. That was some great tipping, and well done to all.

With just 4 weeks remaining, the top of our ladder is very exciting, with your top five, at this stage, all one point apart from each other. On 113 is Fran Chamberlain, 112 is Donald Wilson, 111 is Natasha Wilson, 110 is Mike O’Rafferty and on 109 is “Tim & Rodg”

Next week the jackpot hits the magic $200-00. If you want it, come and take it (hopefully to everyone)