ROUND 8 gave us some good scores and some good tipping by our group.

Just for your own interest, at the end of last weekend, our top tipster had a score of 45 and yet in the West Australian footy column with their “experts” giving their tips, out of the 28 tipsters the highest score was only 43. Shows how clever our group are.

This weekend gave us some great tipping results, and although no one selected 9/9, we had 10 people select 8/9. We say well done to Ted Bulluss, Mike Concannon, Don Doig, Mike Eames, Roger Hooper, David Kitto, Grayden Lang, Lois Reid, “Tim & Rodg” and Donald Wilson. Excellent tipping folks!! To make it even better tipping, Mike Eames and David Kitto scored 8/9 for the second week in a row.!!

Next week the jackpot is worth $240-00 so good luck and good tipping everyone.