We had a good turnout for our Annual General Meeting on Friday 12th August.

Mike Kessell was elected as Club Patron while Chris Wilson, Kevin Farrell, Helen Groves and Elsie Muenchow were elected as Vice Patrons.

Six of the present members of the Board of Management agreed to accept nominations for re-appointment. Consequently Alex Foster was appointed as President, Faye Scorer (Social and Fundraising Manager), Mark Rule (Membership and Promotion Manager), Mike Kessell (Grounds Manager) and Susan Brayshaw (Tennis Development Manager) were elected unopposed.

Colin Matthews (Tennis Activities Manager) decided to step down from that position after several years’ service. After some coercing, Simone Mason agreed to accept a nomination for the position and she was duly elected. Colin undertook to assist her with the position.

For reason previous advised Don Doig also advised members that he was unable to continue as Club Administrator. We were pleased that Bree Sambell agreed to accept a nomination for the position and she was elected. Don has also agreed to assist Bree with the duties for as long as necessary.

In her first financial report, Sandra Rule (Finance Manager/Treasurer) advised members that for 2010/2011 the club made a modest profit of $7395. However this does not take into consideration and amount of $5000+ we are owed by the Melville Sporting Association for the expenditure we met for resurfacing the verandahs. So the bottom line is that the club is in good shape.

In his report to the meeting our President, Alex Foster, reminded members that during the year we incurred some unusual expenditure as we had to replace our drinking fountain, our squeegees for our hard courts and our external petrol vacuum cleaner. In addition we installed new gates to improve access for our groundsman and installed new verandah lighting. This unusual expenditure highlights the excellent financial result we achieved.

The Board was able to maintain fees at last year’s levels and invoices have been sent to members.

Some work has already been undertaken to install conduits on four of our grass courts to allow them to be floodlit in the future. This project will be done in stages. For the work done so far, we can claim rebates from Tennis Australia so hopefully the costs to date will be fully reimbursed.

The President thanked members for their support during the year. He said that the new Board will continue to be vigilant in managing the club for the benefit if members.


Members present voted unanimously to grant Elaine Munro a Service to Club Award for her long and dedicated service to the club.