The City of Melville Junior Tennis Tournament finished at the Melville Tennis Centre on Friday 12th January 2007 after a week of fine competitive tennis from juniors aged from under 10 years up to 18 years.

This event has been staged annually by the Melville Palmyra Tennis Club since 1976. Her Worship Katherine Jackson, Mayor of the City of Melville, acknowledged the fact that some of the volunteers from the club have assisted in the organisation the event since its inception 32 years ago. She also congratulated local business Mountway Melville Hyundai for its generous support of this important community project..

During the tournament nearly 450 matches were scheduled and the organisers were fortunate that despite forecasts of rain, only two matches had to be suspended due to rain..

Ms Helen Morgan, a Director of Tennis West, attended the trophy presentation ceremony and joined the Mayor in presenting trophies to event winners and runners-up. She commended the club on the efficient conduct of this event, which had established itself as an important event in the junior tennis calendar.

In the last several years, Life Members of the tennis club have contributed towards an award for outstanding sportsmanship from competitors during the tournament. Life member and Tournament Referee Keith Holland announced and presented the award to May-Ann Boulos.

The results of each of the events were as follows:

Boys 18 & under singles:  Caleb AQUINO def. David LAMPE

Boys 16 & under singles:  Daniel GERMINARIO def  Brenton HUSH

Boys 14 & under singles:  James RUTHERFORD def Rory McLEAN

Boys 12 & under singles:  Ryan GODWIN def. Angus McMILLAN

Boys 10 & under singles:  Jack LYTTLE def. Scott WEBSTER

Girls 18 & under singles:  Mary-Ann BOULOS def Melinda HUSH

Girls 16 & under singles:  Doris RADICEVIC def. Nadja LIVK

Girls 14 & under singles:  Astra SHARMA def  Rebecca McLEOD

Girls 12 & under singles:  Astra SHARMA def. Hayley DePLEDGE

Girls 10 & under singles:  Jelena STOJANOVIC def Madeline KONG

Boys 16 & under doubles:  Jacob ACQUINO & Brenton HUSH def Anthony D’IGNAZIO & David LAMPE

Boys 14 & under doubles:  Antonino RECHICHI & Josiah TYSON def. Hugo MacKENZIE-RAE & Daniel McCUTCHEON

Boys 12 & under doubles:  Ryan GODWIN & Jack LYTTLE def Hiro MASUDA & Thomas McALPINE

Girls 18 & under doubles:  Mary-Ann BOULOS & Ena CATOVIC def. Melinda HUSH & Lateasha WATTS

Girls 16 & under doubles:  Nadja LIVK & Doris RADICEVIC def. Rebecca Mc CUTCHEON & Romy PAPARONE

Girls 14 & under doubles:  Frances COWCHER & Rebecca McLEOD def Jessie FEAR & Tessa LEAKE

Girls 12 & under doubles:  Giorgie JONES & Jodie THATCHER def Jessica ACONI & Kiana BUDDEN

Mixed 16 & under doubles:  Danielle CARUSO & Daniel GERMINARIO def Doris RADICEVIC & Ben MULETTA

Mixed 14 & under doubles:  Like NICHOLSON & Sarah ROWE def Hamish TURNER & Miika COPPARD

Mixed 12 & under doubles:  Jessica ACONI & Gavin HUANGFU def Gigi FEAR & Scott WEBSTER