Round 4 (11th April)

This round gave us some much better scores and although still no one has selected the perfect 9/9, this week we had 6 people select 7/9. For this feat we congratulate Russell Coleman, Mike Concannon, Betty Hanley, Roger Hooper, Mark Rule and Nola Wilson. Well done!

Denise Prium remains our leader and is now on 23, but she is being hard pushed by Shirley Christie and “Ollie & Dot” who are both on 22.

With no winner again this week, next week we have $200-00 for the taking so good luck everyone.

Have a happy and safe Easter to you all.


Round 3 (4th April)

This week gave us some good tipping results, even though again no one selected 9/9. We had one person very close when she selected 8/9 and for this we congratulate Shirley Christie. Great job Shirley. Another three people selected 7/9.

Denise Pruim remain our leader on the fantastic score of 19. Check out the “expert” media tipsters in Thursdays paper. Last week with Denise on 13, their highest result of the 25 of them was 10, so keep up the great work Denise. Just two games behind Denise we have Shirley Christie, and “Ollie & Dot” both on 17, while the best of the male tipsters is Alex Foster on 16. Well done everyone

With no winner this week our jackpot jumps to $160-00 for next week, so keep those fingers crossed that the teams you have selected win for you.

Good Luck


Round 2 (March 28th)

This round saw some very unexpected results and an odd looking ladder. Fancy St Kilda and Brisbane being undefeated and Sydney yet to win a game.

This week the average score was 3, but one person managed to score 7/9. Great work Denise Pruim for this score. We had two people select 6/9 and for this we say well done to Alex Foster and Stella Squiers.

Denise is our overall leader and clears away from the pack with a fabulous total score now of 13. Three games behind Denise, on a total of 10 are five tipsters including Mike Eames #2, Alex Foster, Colin Matthews, Ollie & Dot, and Nola Wilson. Good tipping to these people as well

With no winner again this week, we have $120-00 up for the taking next week so good luck to everyone


Round 1 (21st of March)

What surprises we had for the first week, with both of last year’s Grand Finalists being beaten. There were a lot of surprise results, some close games and some absolute blowouts.

Hopefully it will get easier to select winners in the coming few weeks.

No one selected 9/9, but we had one person select 7/9 and for this we congratulate Mike Eames #2. Well done Mike. We had a further six people score 6/9 and we say well done to those people also.

With no winner this week, our jackpot jumps to $80-00 for round 2, so good luck everyone